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INDEX BF150-BF200 1. SPECIACATIOHS ·-------···--1·1 1. -......-............... 1-12. DIMENSIONAl DRAWINGS................................... 1·4 10. CVUNOER HEAD/VALVES/OIL PUMP·--·-.....1..1 1. CYLINDER HEAD REMOVAl......................... .. .... 1..2 2. OIL PUMP .. ................... .. ........ ...............................1..5 2. SERVICE INFORMATION................................. ......... 2·1 I. THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER SERVICING..... 2·1 2. IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ............... .. 2·1 3. SYMBOLS USED IN THIS MANUAL ...................... 2·2 3. CYLINDER HEAD DISASSEMBLY .........................1..8 4. VAlVE SEAT .......................................... 1..14 5. CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY ..................................10.16 6. CYLINDER HEAD INSTAlLATION.................... .......10.18 4. SERIAL NUMBER LOCATIONS ............................. 2·2 5. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS ............................... 2-3 6. TORQUE VAlUES .. ................. ................ ............. 2·6 7. SPECIAl TOOLs.................................................. 2·98. TROUBLESHOOTING............. . .............................2·1 I 9. CA8lE & HARNESS ROUTING.............. -........... 2-29 11. CRANKCASE/CRANKSHAFT/PISTON..................... 11·1 1. THERMOSTI\T/WATERJACKET.......................... 11·2 2. OILSTRAINER................. ................. ............... .... 11 8 3. PISTON............................... ......... ........................... 11·9 4. CRANKSHAFTICYLINOER BLOCK ......................... 11·15 10. LUBRICATlON POINTS ....................._-.........2-41 12.OILCASE/STERN BRACKET/SWIVEL CASE·--12·1 1. OILCASE...... ....... ........._ ......_ ............................. 12·2 3. MAIHTENANCE...... 3-1 2. RICTION ADJUST LEVER ... -........................... 12-4 I. MAINTENANCESCHEDULE.................................. 3-1 2. ENGINE OIL............................................................ 3-2 3. MOUHT FRAMC ............. ........................................ 12-64. STERN BRACKET......... ......... ................................ 12·7 3. OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE....................................... 3-34. GEAR CASE OIL .................................. ................... 3-5 5. SWIVEl CASE............. ................. .............. .... . 12·11 5. SPARK PLUG. ..... .. ....... .. ......................................... 3-6 13. SHIFT LINKAGE ....... ..... ............................................ 13·1 6. VALVE CLEARANCE...... ...... .. ....... .. ....................... 3-8 1. SHIFT ARWTHROTILE ARM ................................ 13·2 7. CARBURETOR ....................................................... 3·10 2. SHIFT LEVER . .................. . ....... ...... .. ....... .. ............ 13·3 8. FUEL FILTER ....................... ...................................3·11 3. SHI T SHA T ................ ......... ......... ....................... 13-4 9. VEL TANK STRAINER.. ......... ............................ .. 3·12 10. FVEL TUBES ........................ .... ...........................:I-12 14. STEERING ROD/RE.MOTE CONTROL BOX....... ...... 14·1 11. THROTTLEUNKAG E...........................................3·13 1. STEERING ROO ....... ........_................................ 14·1 12. TIMING BELT.............................................. -...... 3-15 2. REMOTE CONTROL CABLE............................... 14·2 13. CRANKCASE BREATHER........................... .. ...3-19 3. CONTROL BOX WIRE HARNESS-...............-... l<-4 14. EXHAUST EMISSION (l!OOe,_ .3-19 4. REMOTE CONTROL BOX ................................ .... 1"5 4. PROPEllEMlEAR CASEIEXTENSK>N CASE ..... .. 4-1 15,TIU.ER HAN DLE ..................-. ..... 1S.11. PROPELLER........................................................... 4·2 1. TILLER HANOLE ...... ... ....... .. ......... ....... . ........ ......... 15-2 2. PROPELLER SHA T HOLDER ... ............ ............... 4·3 2. TILLER HANDLE BRACKET .................................. IS.6 3. GEAR CASE ASSEMBlY ....................................... 4· 9 3. THROTTLE GRIP................................................... I5·7 4, WATER PUMP .. ..... .. ........ .... ..... .. ....... .....................4-I I 5. VERTICAL SHAFT/BEVEL GEAR ..........................4-15 4, STARTER SWITCH ................... ........................... ..15-11 5. EMARGENCY STOP SWITCH.. .......... .. .................15-12 6. WATER PUMP HOUSING ......................................4·21 7. GEAR CASE/ANODE/WATER SCREEN ................4·27 I&. ELECTRICAL EOUIPMENT ............ ........................... t&-1 8. EXTENSION CASE .. ......... .......... ............. ............ ...A-28 I. STARTER MOTOR . ......... ............. .......................... 16·1 9. EXHAUST CHAMBER COVER ...............................4-31 5. ENGINE COVERS.-----·---..,_....... 5-1 1. ENGINECOVER.... . .................................... -.... ·-5-1 2. STARTER CABLE (Typewllh12ACllarge coil) ...... l6-1l3. CHARGEWIRE(Typowith6Acl\argecoil).............1..6-14. NEUTRAL SWITCHIINOICA TOR...........................! 5. IGNTION CONTROL MOOULE .........................I 2. LEFT ENGINE UNDER COVER............................. 5·2 6. CONNECTOR ORACIce om_mm _(0.003 in) Cams aft Journal 0.0. I Journal-to-shaft 0.020-0.062 mm (00.0008-0.0024 in) 0.0 mol (0.003 in) 0.20 (0.00 in)Oil pump 0.15 mm (0.006 1n)_..ax. ------· - 0.04 -0.09 mm (0.002-0.004 in) 0.12 mm (0.005 in) Pump body 1.0. Pump body depth ..ams aft journai i.D. 16.000 -16.018 mm {0.6299 -0.6306 in) O.ot6 -0.052 mm (0.00 -0.0020 in) 0.07 mm (0.00 in) -Fuel pump Cylinders BF15D-Bf20D --Piston pins pin 0.0. . pin cl arance End gap Top Thickn.;s Oil (side rail) Connecting rods ....ndi.O. ....: . ·----Carburetor Main jet BF15D BF200 0.00 -0.014 in) 35.979-3 .990 mm_(1.4165 -1.41.. in) 0.10mm(O..... .. - - • ELECTRICAL - Spar!< plug i ISecondary coi1 resist nce Starter Motor Exciter coil ..pe heatercoil P•ol)€!1e r shaft Sha!tOO. 2-5 - - - ' BF15D-BF20D ----4- ----- Item Thread dia. x pitch 6. TORQUE VALUES Item -- drain bolt ·-Spark plug - Thread dia. xpitch----· BF15D-BF2DD To.que kgt.. --10 1 : 2 I 1-4 ----+ 1227[- rod bo.. 1.1-l-------·- Torque kgf•m 3.5-- 11 -- 8 BF15D·Bf20D llem Item Item Item . .. Thread dia.x pit h Thread dia. x pit h --·- Thread dia. x pitch T re d dia.x pitch Torque 3.3 Torque kgt·m. 2.4 22 Torque 2.4 17 21 Torque t.2 2-7 I Thread dia. x pitchItem ---· i-Msx 1.o ------1-· -10··--· --- ·---· --SE valve nut --Neutral switc nut----sta t cable nul M6x 1.0 M20 X 1.0 · ----M6x 1.0 ..ta ter coard sell-lockiog nut IMS x 1.0 __ --- • Use standard torque valu s of fastener that are not listed in this table below. llem Thread dia. x pitch 9----J 6.. --- _j 12mrn.. -- Flange boU and nut m BF15D-BF20D Torque kgl·m1.o·ll 0.2 o.2s Torque kgf·m 9 -· 7 43 10 .--Smm 5.5 4.0-----6mm 1.2 9 2-8 BF15D-BF20D 7. SPECIAL TOOLS Application 2 Oil pressure gauge attachment 07 406.()030000 Oil pressure inspection Oil pressure gauge set 07506·3000000 Oil pressure inspection 4 Remover weight 07741.0010201 Bearing or bearing outer race removal Attachment, 32 x 35 mm 07746·0010100 Needle bearing installa tion Attachment, 42 x 47 mm 07746·0010300 6005 ball bearing installation Taper roller bearing outer r aceinstallation Attachment, 24 x 26 mm 07746.0010700 Propeller shaft water seal installation Attachment, 22 x 24 mm 077 46.()01 0800 Propeller shaft needle bearing removal Water pum.p water seal installarion 6 Pilot. 15 mm 077 46·0040300 Water pump needle bearing installation Water pump water seal installation Pilot, 17 mm 077 46..()040400 Needle bearing installation Propeller shall water seal installation Pilot. 25 mm 077 46.0040600 6005 ball bearing installation Taper roller bearing outer race installation 7 Driver 07749·0010000 Bearing, oil seal or water seal installation (driver lor No. 5 and 6) Valve spring oompressor 07757·0010000 Valve cotter rcmovaJ/installation Valve seat cutter, 45° 27.5mm 07780.()010200 Intake valve seat reconditioning Valve seal cutter, 45' 22 mm 0778().0010701 Exhaust valve -seat reconditioning Valve seat cutter, 32' 25mm 077 0.0012000 Exhaust valve seat reconditioning Valve seat cutler, 32' 30mm 0778().00 12200 Intake varve seat reconditioning 11 Valve seat cutter, 60• 22mm 0778().0014202 Exhaust valve seat reconditioning Valve seat cutter, 6o" 26mm 07780·0014500 Intake valVe seat reoonditioning Valve seat recond..ioning 4 11 BF150 ·Bf20D 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Crankshaft holder. 26 mm Bearingremover handle Bearingremover, 15 mm Bearingremover, 25 mm Driver handle, 325 mm Driver handle, 280 mm Driver handle, 370 mm Valve guide reamer,5.0mm Oilfilter rench Bearingracepuller Puller jaw, 25 mm Driver 14.5 x 18.5 mm Installer shaft BearinQ installer 13 14 17 20 21 07923·ZA00100 Crankshaft holding 07936-3710100 Taper roller bearing outer race removal 07936-KCIOSOO Needle bearing removal 07936-ZVtOtOO Bearing removal 07946-MJOO 100 Needle bearing removal/installation 07949·3710001 Needle bearing removaVinstallation 07VMF· Z30200 Needle bearing removal 07984-MA60001 Valve guide reaming 07HAA·PJ701 00 Oil finer removal 07LPC-ZV301 00 Taper roller bearing outer race removal 07WPC.ZW501 00 Te er roller bearing outer race removal 07ZPF-ZW90300 Needle bearing installation 07VMF·KZ30200 Needle bearing removal Needle bearing removal n 18 18 //. 19 ../../ 22 23 24 25 2-10 8.TROUBLESHOOTING a. ENGINE • Hard Starting BF15D·Bf200 ..heck the fuel level in the No fuel in the tank Sufficient fuel in the tank ing the _car orand check whether fuel reached the 1 • Check for collapsed or pitched fuel line. IReaching the carburetor. I 3. Remove the spark plugs and check -Drylor wet or fouled electrode. • Check for clogged fuel tank breather hole: Close the tank and open the vent knob, listen for hiss. • Check for air leaks past primer bulb. • Squeeze the primer bulb and be sure that the fuel Is reaching the 1 motor.• Check for clogged fuel tiller. tuet tubes and connector. • Check the fuel pump. Check for blockage in the carburetor port and nozzle. Wet ,. • Clean the electrode and restart, tak·ing care thet the choke is not closed too much.• If excessive wet, check the carburetor for flooding. If flooding is severe. drain the carburetor and primeagain, or check the carburetor float valve. No spark or weak -. Pertorm IGNITION SYSTEM trou·sparks bleshooting (P. 2·16). Good sparks 5. Check compression ol each cylinder Low compression _,. • Check that the valve is correct. (P. 2·12). Normalcompression Reinstall the spark plugs securely restart the engine according to the starting procedure. 2-1 1 • Check tor detective cylinder head gasket, valves or valve seats. • Check that the cylinder head is cor· .rectly tightened. !• Check for wom piston. piston rings ' BF150-BF200 •CYLINDER COMPRESSION CHECK 1) Shift the gear into the neult81 position. 2) Disengage the emergency stop switch clip from Ihe emergency stop switch. 3) Remove the engine cover and the both sparlc plugs. 4) Install a compression gauge in the No. 1 cyllndor plug hole. 5) Disconnect the remote control throttle cable lrom thethrolllc anm (remote control type only). 6) Manually hold the throHie anm or lhroHie levor in the full open position 7) Electric starter type: Turn the starter motor using the startet switch (tftler handle type) or lgnnioo swhch (remote contrOltype) until stable cornp<8$Sion os obtained. Do not operate the starter mOior tor more than 5 secoods at one try. If stable comp-1 Replace with a correct propeller. ....P!•co::..e propeller. Replace the propeller. Adjust the install tion sening. ..I to proper level: P. 3·2. Clean or replace : P. 4-31 Thermostat tauhy. Water screen clogged. Replace: P. Replace: P. 10-3 BF15D-BF20D b. IGNITION SYSTEM Theseoutboard motors are equipped with an engine ovenev limiter which is provided in the ignitiOn control module. The overrev limiter is activated when the engine rpm exceeds (BF200: 6.300 rpm. BF150: 5,800rpm). When acbvatedthe sparks are emittedto the No. 1 andNo.2 c-ylinders. The overrev limiter rnay be activated under such conditions as; light propeller load or propeller ventilation. •HardStarting pertorm the spark test (P. 2-18). Standand plug:CR5EH·9 (NGK), U16FER9 (OENSO) Plug gap: 0.8-0.9 mm (0.31 -0.35 in) No spark or weak spark newsparkplugs. No spark the sw..ch clip is instaiiedl-Disengaged onthe emergency stop switch cor-I rectly. Installed t 4. Disconnect the black/red wire of the emergency stop switch and perform spark test. No spark Good spark 15. Disconnectthe exciter coil wire coo-r-Abnormal nector, and check for resistance (p. 9-6). R.esistance: Type withelectric starter: 6.1 -7.5 Q Type without electric starter: 5.0-7.4 Q Normal yGo topage 2·17. 11nstallthe clip securely. the emergency stop switch. Replacethe exciter coil (recoil starter type)or stator (electric starter type). BF15D·BF20D From page 2·16. 6. Disconnecl lhe pulse generator coil Abnormal -· the pulse genera1or coli. wire conneclor. and check fo r resis· lance (P. 9-5). Resistance: 351 -429 Q I Normal 7. Check for vo ilage leakage caused Abnormal ... R place lhe ignition coii by damaged high lansion wire insu· lallon. Check lhe ignition coil r sis- lances (P. 16-28). Resistance: Primary: 0.8-1.0 Q 23.0 -34.8 k Q Normal B. Remove lhe ignition conlrol Abnormal and check for resistance between lhe terminals (P. 16·23). Normal Check lhe wire harness tor short or opencircuit. Replace or repair the wire harness. 2-17 BF15D-BF20D •SPARK TEST 1) Remove the engine cover. Drain the gasoline from the carburetor. Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive. If Ignited, gasoline can burn you severely. • Be sure there is no spilled fuel near the engine. • Place the spark plug away from the spark plug hole. Unburned gas can ignite if it is left in the cylinder. • loosen the carburetor drain screw to drain thecarburetor thoroughly. Pull the recoil starter sever· at limes to release the unburned gas from the cylinder beforetest. SPARK PLUG CAP 2) Remove the spaf1< plug caps and spall< plugs. 3) Pull the recoil starter several times to release the unburned gas from the cylinders. 4) Attach the removed spark plugs to the plug caps. 5) Set the ignition switch to the ON posalon (remote control type only) and make sure that the emergency stop switch clip is engaged properly. Ground the negative (-) electrooo (i.e. threaded part) olthe both spark plugs againstthe thennostat cover bott and pull the recoil starter rope to check whether sparks jump across the electrodes. 6) Remove tho spark plugs lrom the spark plug caps and install the spark plugs to the other cylinder spari< plug capand check spark for the other cylinder. THERMOSTAT COVER No. 1 SPARK PLUG No. 2 SPARK PLUG • Engine Does Not Slop WHh The lgnHion Switch Turned OFF or Emergency Stop Switch Operated 1 . Check the ignition switch (remote Abnonnalcontrol type : P. 14·10). Nonnal t Normal Check the wire open circuit the Blackiroo wire. Abnormal ---....J Replace the emergency stop switch 2-18 c. ELECTRIC STARTER SYSTEM •Starter Motor Will Not Tum C eck lhe fuse. -.. .. Burnt out Good BF15D-BF20D ,,... the fuse. Normal Nonnal the ignition switch (remote control type P. t4·1 0) or starter switch (tiller handle ty e P.15·6). Nonnal Normal Abnormal Replace dle neutral switch. Abnormal Replace dle starter magnetic switc . Abnormal Re air or replace t e starter motor. Normal 7. Check the regulator/rectifier (P. 16·33). Replace or rep ir the wire harness. 2-19 Abnormal Replace the regulator/rectifier. BF15D·BF20D •Starter Motor Turns but Engine Does Not Turns.11.Check the pinion gear and ring gear --No goodtorengagement. Good Check or replace the overrunningclUtch. • Starter Motor and Engine Turn Slowly • Check the pinion gear for smooth mo ement. • Correct the pinion gear and ring gear engagement or replace. t. CheCi('ii;battery. -Abnormal I • Connect the battery terminals Normal 2.Checku;e;..gine No good Good .. 3. Connect the banery to the starter motor directly and check whether the starter motor tums. Doesnot tum Tums normally -Replace the starter magnetic switch(poor contact). d. CHARGING SYSTEM •Battery Under Charged th.. ba ter condition and --Abnormal c ble conn tion. --, --Normal BF15D-BF20D Normal..4. Check the regulator/rectifier (P. 16-Abnormal31 ). 2-21 INormal Repl e t..e regulator/rectifier. BF150 -BF200 e. ALERT SYSTEM These outboard motor are equipped with an alert system which protects the engine by controlling the engine speed in the ignition oontrol module. When trouble occurs, the system stows down the engine speed gradually. The system Is provided with Indicator tight and buzzer sound (remote control type o ly) to indicate the cause ot trouble. •Warning Buzzer Sounds (Remote control type only) Check the indicator tights. Green (oil pressure) indicatorOFF · Green (oil pressure)indicator ON .the wire harness lor or short circuit. If it is replace the ignition module. Red (overheat) indicator OFF r Pertorm troubleshooting on page2·26. Red (overheat) indicatorON t Go to page 2·23 rStop the engi..e and inspect the oil level. Low level Addoil to the correct level. Correct level the engine and allow it to Check the oil pressure indicator and Indicator OFF. Indicator ON and Indicator ON and buzzer Disconnect !he oil pressure switch wire (yellow) connector and check the indicator and buzzer. Indicator ON and buzzer stops. Check tho oil pressure (P. 2·25). Normal ' + buzzer stops. sounds . Indicator ON and buzzer sounds. ute, replace if ne If it is OK, repair or replace tho wire harness. Indicator OFF a dbuzzer stops. Abnormal • Oil pump faulty • Oil assage clogged• Oilfilter cartridge clogged 2-22 From page 2·22 ..' Stop the engine and check the water screen lor dogging. Not clogged y Clogged BF15D-BF2DD Restart the engine and allow it to Idle. Does not f ow. Check that cooling water constantly flows through the water checking hole. Flows constantly. _t_ Cool down the engine by idling the engine for few minutes. Then check the indicator and buzzer. Indicator ON. Disconnect the thermo sensor c nnec· tor (green/black and red/blue) and check the indicator and buzzer. Indicator OFF and buzzer sto s. 2-23 Indicator OFF and buzzer sounds. · ule, replace if necessary.If it is OK, repair or replace the wire harness. Indicator OFFand buzzer sounds. Replace the Indicator OFF and buzzer stops. - Indicator ON and buzzer stops. Check the wire harness the indicator and ig ition module or short circuit. , BF15D·BF20D•Oil Press ure Indicator (Green) Test Stop the engine andinspect the oil level. Correct level Start the ongine and allow it to idle. Cheok t e oil ressure indicator. Indicator OFF. Indi ator OFF. Chectc the indicatO< (P. 14-10). Disconne t the SE coil wire (brown and black/g reen) oonnectors anO check the resistance (P. 4). Normal Check the wne harness for short or open circurt If OK. replace the ignitionontrol module. lndicatO< ON Cheok the oi pressure (P. 2·25). Nor al Abnormal • Oil str iner clogged • Oil pump tault • Oil ass ge clogged • Oil li..er cartridge clOgged Abnof'mal Abnor al 2-24 • OIL PRESSURE TEST 1} Remove the engine cover and check the engine ofl level (P. 3-2). 2) Disconnect the oil pressure switch wire connector. 3) Remove the oil pressure switch and install a commercial.. ly available PT 1/8" adapter and an oil pressure gauge that has a scale calibrated to a maximum ol 686 · 981 kPa (7. tO kgf/c... 99. 43 psi).!till@ Tighten lhe adapter to lhe specified torque. Do not over· tighten lho adapter to avoid damaging the threads of the crankcase. TORQUE: 8 N• m (0.8 kgf•m, 6 1bf•fl) 4) Run the outboard motor in anoutboard test tank with the water ar least 4 inches above the antiventilation plate. Allow the engine to warm up to normal operating temper· ature (engine oil temperature 80' C/176' F). lide gas that can cause unconsciousness and death. • If the engine must be running, make sure the anea is welt ventilated. 5) Measure the oil pressure. Standard oil pressure: 147 kPa (1 .5 kgt/cm2, 21.3 psi) ll lhe oil pressure is tess than lhe specification. check the oil pump (section 1 0) for wear. or oil filler screen and oil passage for clogged. 6) Remove the oil pressure gauge and adapter. 7) Protect the threads by applying sealing tape 1.5 to 2 turns or applying the liquid sealant, and tighten the oil pressure switch to lt>e specilied torque using a torque wrench. I!:!Q'rtt;§Tighten the oil pressure switch to the specified torque. Do not overtighten to avoid damaging the threads of the crankcase cover. TORQUE: 8 N • m (0.8 kgf • m, 6 lbf • II) 8) Connect the oil pressure switch wire and install the engine cover. 2-25 BF15D-BF20D OILPRESSURE GAUGE (commercially available) OIL PRESSURE SWITCH Apply sea1ing lape orliqukl sealant. BF15D·Bf20D •Overheat Indicator (Red) Test (Remote control type only) Disconnect the thermo n or connec· tor and connect an tOOQ resistancethe terminals (green/black and Start the engine and checl< the overheat indicator. Indicator OFF. Normal l Indicator ON OK. test is complete. Abnor al --------•[I.R.e.pl.a.ce.t.h.e.in.d...to.r===========... 2-26 f. SHIFT LEVER Shift leverdoes move smoothly. 2-27 BF15D·Bf20Dlink rod bent. Replace: P. 13-2 Shill rod A end /or B bent or P. 4-12 and 12·2 Shif rod misadjusted. P. 4-11 Gear shifter, shift mechanismdamaged. Shift lever stuck (Iiiier handle type).'------Readjust P. 14-3 control type). Shill cable corroded (remote Replace: P. 14-2 and 14-3 control type). Control box damaged (remote ...J verha l: P. 14-41hrough 14·16 1 c ntrol type). Readjust Steering cable misadjusted (remote control type). damaged (remote control type). BF150-BF200 g. STEERING H.. Steering (remote control type) . ··--.. . Readjust. Steering friction lever misadjust .. Adjust.ed. Friction lever and block dam· I -. h. LOWER UNIT 0-ring or ater seal of Overhaul: Section 4 gear case. Damaged vertical shaft water Replace: Section 4seal. Damaged shift rod seal Replace: Se<:tion 4scratchedshiftrod. 2-28 9. CABLE & HARNESS ROUTING 'I:Type wflh etectric starter '2: Tiller handle type [3) MAIN WlRE HARNESS (lo STARTER CABlE) (2) MAIN WIRE HARNESS (lo OIL PRESSURE SWITCH) [IJ CRANKCASE BREATtiER TUBE [18) '2 THROTTLE CABlE (Set to tho hook onthe cylinder he•d cover, tiUer hendfetype) (17)FUEL PUMP [16] DRAIN lVBE (IS]FUEL lVBE D 2-29 (14JFUEL CHAMBER (13)WATER CHECK TUBE [4)'I SE TtiERMAL VA.LVE HEATER WIRE 'I lVBE CUP BF1SD·BF20D [6) FUEL TUBE A [7J FUEL ALTER [9) lVBE CLIP (12]to WATER CHECK GROMMET (10]FUEL TUBE C (II J CARBURETOR DRAINlVBE BF15D·BF20D •1111erHandle Type [5) '1 CHARGE COil, SE ... 1: Type with electric starter THERMAl VAlVE '2:Type without electric starter HEATER COil and EX ITER COILWIRE [4] WIRE SET PlATE CHARGE COIL and EXCITER COIL WIRE [6) PULSE GENERA· TOR WIRE [2) IGH1TION CONTflOL MODULE (1) '1 NEUTRAl SWITCH [9) MAJNWIRE HARNESS [21)01l PRESSURE INDiCATOR [20)THROTTLECABtE (19)EMERGENCY (AHgn theedge of the 101>0 wtlh SWITCH WIRE the connector bracket II$ shown). [18] [11]'1 ENGINE START '1 BATTERY GROUND CABLE SWITCH WIRE [12] '1 STARTER CABLE (13]WIRE BAND CLIP (16)01L CASE GROMMET .. WIRETIE [14] Align the edgeo1tho wino tie '1 WHITE TAPE withthe inside of the oil caee Align the edge of the while tape grommet as shown. with the lnatde of the oil ease grommet as shown. 2-30 CONNECTOR LOCATION ·: Grayinsulalor •Typewlltl electric atartar[==:..:.== }(7)PULSEGENERA10R'IlliiE (I(MAtiWliiE HARNESS --Bl-c!l)q-Bl--}($]EXC!!BI 00..WIRE --G-Q(Ł1--G----BLIG.f:\tlW--(1] M.IIIWRHAR!eS (4]F.::E:=:.. ....::=..-{--Bl-aD!O-&R--{--&WW-(..ENGII[STMTSWJillHWIIE --WAli..WIIll--[11)AEGIJLAillRWIIE • Type without elect ric starter 2-31 BF15D·BF20D [13]1CONNE:CTC)R BRACKET [9] CONNECTOR BRACKET (7] WIRE Sfl PLATŁ (4] 4P CONNECTOR [3] IGNITION CONTROLMODULE (2] WIRE BANDCLIP (1] NEUTRAl SWITCH (19]WIRE BAND CliPlClAMPING: P. [21)NEUTRAl SWITCH ..)CONNECTOR BRACKET 2-32 [17)WIRE nE Align !llo o<111o otlhe .nre tJe with !llo lnoiIID-81--[8]STARTER MAGNEllC SWITCHWIRE [1JIIAINWIREHARNESS [1JMAINWIREHARNESS [2[NE11111AL SWITCHWIRE [8] STARTER MAONEllC SWITCHWIRE [1]MAINWIREH.ESS --WJ!!H>I:O--WIEI--171 REGULATOR WIRE [9] CONNECTOR BRACKET BF15D-BF20D "1: Type with electricstarte< "2:Tiller handle type (1) "1 STARTER CABLE Set the starter cable wtth contacting to the clip bracket as BF15D-BF20D (2) "1 CUP BRACKET (3] ENGINE GROUND TERMINAL [1 1)CHARGE WIRE 2-34 ness and charge wire starting from the bnmc-h point of the main wire hamess as shown. (8) BLACK/BLUE WIRE TERMINAL [6)·1Connect totheblack marklet.. MAIN WIRE HARNESS mlnelof the lgnhiOfl coli. (9) BLACK WIRE TERMINAL Connect to the green mark terminal of t11e Ignition coli. [6)·2 (10)BATTERY GROUND TERMINAL SPIRAL PROTECTOR •t: Type with electric starter "2:Tiller hendle type "3: Typewithout electric starter (1) (3) "3 CHARGE RECEPTACLE WIRE (to fuse ox) '1 REGULATOR WIRE GROUND TERMINAL (15)ENGINE SIDE STOPPER (14) Make ""'" that u.er. io clearan<:e between the wire hameea and engine slcte stopper. BF15D·Bf20D (4) •t STARTER CABLE (to regulatorl.-.clilier) '3 CHARGE RECEPTACLE WIRE (to regutatorlrectffier) (5)'1 MAIN WIRE HARNESS ( to se thermal valve heater and regulator/.-.clifl«) (6) MAIN WIRE HARNESS (to oil pretsure switch) (7J REGULATORIREtnFIER WIRE [9) THERMO SENSOR CONNECTOR (11)No. 1 HIGH TENSION CORD "1: Type wijh electric starter "2: Type without electric starter ., '2 [8] J1]To011.PIIESSUAESWITCH y J3]MA'"WIAfHARHESS(3] !IA ..WIAf HARNESS •. . [4] STAimRCABlE w--}···-·. J5] REGIJI.ATOII/l!ECTIF1ER WIRE [l]SETHERIW.VALYEHEAT!RWIRE { . [3]NAJNWIREHARNESS [I]To OIL PIIESSIJRE SWITCH (7) '1 TUBE CUP y--[3]!'AINWIAfHAIINESS {81 CHAIIGE RECEPTACI.f WlRE [5]AEGUUTOAIRECTIFIER WIRE '1 SE THERMAL VALVE HEATER WIRE ., JW j .. Y-[3) !IAINWIRŁ HARNESS.1.-=}[5) REGULATOMifC11FIEA +:-:-.Jlt..\t WIRE ..w-l•JSTARTERCABLE [3]MAINWIRE HARNESS [.REGULATOMIECT1F1EA WIRE [6] CNAIIGE AfCEPTACI.E WIRE -<1>--y-[3]!lAINWIRE..-w.:.::;.}HAIINESS [5]AEQUUTOWREC1tf1EAWIRE [3) MAINWIRE.._ HAIINESS('JSTAATERCABLE BF15D·Bf200 -.1:-v _ (3) MAIN WIRE HARNESS -4-w-[.. REg hours ofoperation todetermine proper mainte nce interval. 3-6 3-8 3-9 (3) When operanng in saltwater. tutbit or muddy water, the engine should be flushed with clean water afier each use. 3-1 BF150-BF200 2. ENGINE OIL •Oil Level Check 1) Run the outboard mo10r in an outboard test tank with the water at least 4 inches above the antiventilation plate.Allow the engine to warm up to normal operating temper·ature. 2) Stop the engine and remove the engine cover. Hold the outboard motor verticaL 3) Remove the dipstick and wipe .. clean. 4) Insert the dipstick all the way in. then pull it oul and checkthe oil level. Check the engine oil condition, change the engine oil if it is stale or contaminated with foreign materi.. at. 5) IIthe oil level is low, remove the oil filler cap and add the recommended engine oil to reach the upper limit mark onthe dipstick Recommended SAE 1 OW-301---T en..ine oil .. I Service classification SG/SHISJ Uso a 4-s1ro..e motoro11that meets or exceeds the requirements for API service classification SG. SH or SJ.Always chock the APIservice label on the oil container to be sure it includes the letters SG. SH or SJ. Engine oil is a major factor affecting performance and service life. Use 4-woke automotive detergent oil. [2) UPPER LIMIT [3) LOWER __... u LIMIT OIL FILLER CAP [1) DIP STICK / ----· ·20 0 20 40 60 80 100'f .Jo -2o -1o o 10 20 30 4o·c [2) AM BENT TEMPE ATURE • Oil Change Drainthe used oil while the engine is warm. Warm oildrainsquickly and completely. 1) Hold the outbOard motor vertical. 2) Remove theoil filler cap and oil drain bolt. and drain the engine oil into a suitable container. Please dispose ol the used motor oil in a manner that is compatible with the environment. We suggest you take used oil in a sealed container to your localrecycling cen­teror se!Vice station for reclamation. Do not throw it in the trash. pour it on the ground. ot down a drain. • Used engine oil contains substances that have 1 been identifiedas carcinogenic. If repeatedly left in contact with the skin forprolonged periods, it may cause skjn cancer. • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water as soon as possible after contact with used engine oil. --3) Make sure the O·ring is in good condttion, replace n withnew one if necessal'f. Reinstall the drain bolt and the 0· ring. and tightenthe drain bolt securely. TORQUE: 6.5 N•m (0.65 kgf•m, 4.7 lbf•ft) 4) Fill to the engine with the correct amount of the recom. mended oil.Reinsta11 the oil filler capsecurely. Engine oil 1 1.0 e (1.06 US qt, 0.88 1mp qt) --II 5) Recheck rhe oil level shownon the level gauge: if near or below the lower limit mark, lilltothe upperlimit mark with me recommended oil. 3. OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE •Replacement 1) Remove the engine cover. 2)Drain the engine oil. 3) Remove the stopper ring and then remove the washer, pin and cover latch. LIMIT [3] LOWER UMIT (1] WASHER BF15D·BF20D [1] DIP STICK [4] ST PPER RING [3] LATCH 4) Remove the five 5 x 10 mm screws attaching the right engine under cover. Pull the right engine under cover and disconnect the tubes from the water check grommets on the right engine under cover, then remove the right engine under cover. 5) Place a rag under the oil flner to trap oil leakage. 6) Remove the oil finer using a commercially available oil Iii· ter socket and let the remain oil drain out. Dispose of the oil filter in a manner that is compatible with the environment. 7) Apply a thin coat of engine oil to the new oil filter 0-ring. 8) Clean tho oil filter mounting boss with clean lag. the apply athin coat of engine oil to the filter mounting boss. 9) Screw on the new oil filter cartridge by hand unlit the 0·ring contacts the filter base, then tighten the oil filter an additional '118tum using the oil filter wrench. TORQUE: 12 N•m (1.2 kgf•m, 8.7 1bf•ft) BF150-BF200 (3) RIGHT ENGINE UNDERCOVER (4) 5 x 10 mm SCREW (5) tO) Fill the cr nkcase with the specified amount of recom· mended engine oil. 1.3 e (1.37 us qt, 1.14 Imp qt) 11)Start and run the motor for a few minutes, then slop and check or oil leaks in the oil filter cartridge area and the oil level. Fill totlle upper limit mall< ifnecessary. 12)Connect the tubes to the water grommet on the right engine under cover. then install the right engine under cover and tighten the 5 mm screws. TORQUE: 4.5 N., (0.45 kgf.m, 3.3 lbMt) 13)1nslall lhe cover latch with the washer, pin and stopper ring securely. 14)Reinstall the engine cover 4. GEAR CASE OIL •Inspection 1) Place the outboard motor vertical. 2) Remove the oil check boft, and check whether the gear case oil flows out of the check bolt hole. If it flows out. reinstall the oil check bolt. If the oil docs not flow out. add oil (P. 3·6). 3-5 (3] 5 X 10 mm SCREW (5) (1) WASHER BF15D·Bf2DD [4] RIGHT ENGINE UNDER COVER (2] PIN (3)--·COVER lATCH • Additional Gear Case Oil t) Remove the oil che.. bolt. 2) Remove the oil drain bolt, and install a commerciallyavailable gear oil pump or gear oil bottle in the oil drain bolt hole. Add gear case oil until it flows out of the oil check bolt hole. • Oil Change 1) Place tile outboard motorvertical. 2) Remove the oil check bolt, oil drain bolt, and drain t..e gear case oil into a suitable container. Check for water in the drained gear case oil. Ifthere is water in the gear case oil, check the gasket and water seal lor damage and check tor ue at each tightening point of the gear case. 3) Install a commercially available gear oil pump or gear oil bottle in the oil drain bolt hole. Gear ..I capacity I285 cc (17.4 cu. in) 4) When the oil flows out of the oil level check hole. install the 0-ring and oil check boh quickly. Before installing the oil check and drain bolls, make sure that the O·rings are in good condition, replace with new one if necessary. 5) Then install the 0-ring and oil drain bolt. 6) Tighten the oil drain bolt and oil clleck bolt to the specified torque. TORQUE: 3.5 N•m (0.35 kgf•m, 2.5 1bf•ft) 5. SPARK PLUG •Inspection/Cleaning If the engine has been running, the engine will be very hot. Allow it to cool before pro eeding.I) Remove the engine cover. 2) Remove the stopper ring and then remove the washer, pin and cover lat h. BF15D·Bf200 [2) OIL DRAIN BOLT I \]0-RING (2] OIL DRAIN BOLT [1] WASHER .. [31LATCH 3) Remove lhe liveSx 10 mm screws and left engine under cover. 7) Measure the plug gap with a wire-type leeler gauge. If necessary. adjust the gap by bending 1he side electrode. dard spar1< plug CR5EH·9 (NGK) U16FER9 (DENSO) ition; If reinstalling the used spark plug, tighten 1/8 a«or tho spark plug scats.spark plug seats. • The spark plugs must be securely tightened. An Improperly tightened spark plug can become very hot and may damage the engine. • Overtightening the spark plug can damage the threadsIn the cylinder head. tO)Reinstali the spark plug caps and then Install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal. BF15D-BF20D 5r tO mm SCREW (5) (1)SIDE ELECTRODE 4) Removo lho spark plug caps, !hen romove lhe spark plugs USinQ a spark plug wrench. S) Visually inspecl lhe spark plug. Discard lhe plug il the Insulator is cracked or chipped. 6) Removecarbon or other depos..s wllh a sUN wire brush. 8} Make sure the sealing washers are In good cond replace If necessary. 9) Install the plug fingcrtight to seat the washer, then tighten with a plug wrench to compress tho sealing washer. · 1/4 tum If install..ng a new spark plug, tighten t/2 tum alter the BF15D·BF20D 6. VALVE CLEARANCE •Inspection Valve clearance Inspection and adjustment must be per· lormed with the engine cold. 1) Remove the engine cover. 2) Sat the gear in the neutral position. 3) Remove the right engine under cover (P. 3·3 and 4) andleft engine under cover (P. 3-6 and 7). 4) Disconnect the neutral start cable from the stopper arm on the recoil starter. 5) Remove the three 6 X 22 mm flange bolts and recoil staner. 6) Pull out lhe connectors and wires from the holders on the starter case B. •See page 2·39 for wire and connector locations. 7) Release the breather tube from the clamp on the staner case B. 8) Remove the starter case B with the drain tube attached by disconnecting the drain tubes from the lower setting holes. [1) WIRES [5] BREATHER TUBE 9) Disconnect the breather tube from the cylinder head cover and pull the throttle cable off from the hook on the cylinder head cover (tiller handle type only). Remove the four 6 x 22 mm flange bolts and the cylinder head cover and head cover gasket. 10)Turn the crankshaft clockwise by turning the flywheel clockwise (as the arrow marked direction) until the "I" #1 timing mark on the timing belt driven pulley aligns with the • tT" mark on the cylinder head. • In this position, the No. 1 cylinder is at top dead center of its compression stroke. • Don't tum the flywheel counterclockwise. 11)With the engine in the position described in step 10, check the intake and exhaust valve clearances at No. 1 cylinder by inserting a teeter gauge between the valve stem and the rocker arm. Valve clearances t2)Turn the crankshaft 360 degrees ( "Jo." #2 timing mark should align with the • tT" mark on the cylinder head) to put the No. 2 cylinder at top dead center of its compression stroke, and then chock the intake and exhaust valve dearances for No. 2 cylinder. If adjustment is necessary, perform the valve clearance adjustment according to the procedures described no the next page. (41 11 CYLINDER TIMING MARK [10) No.2 CYLINDER EX BF15D-BF20D .·-6 X 22 (4) (61 ARROW MARK (7] FEELER GAUGE 2 CYLINDER IN •Adjustment If the valve cleamnce adjustment is n p mark). (6] STOPPER (3) FUEL CHAMBER FUEL TUBE 8 7) Install the tuol lilter into the filter suspension so the arrow maf1( points same direction asshown. Install them so 'he arrow mark onthe filler suspension pointstoward the fuel pump side. 8) Alter installati on, connectthe fuel hoseconnectorto the outboard motor. Pump the primer bulb, and make sure thatthere is nofuel leaks. (4J Tofuel pump (1J ARROW MARKS (3] FUEL FILTER (2) Fll TER SUSPENSION 6-20 BF15D-BF200 4. FUEL TANK a. DISASSEMBLY/REASSEMBLY Drain lila fuel tank and fuel line completely before disassem· bly. You can beburned or seriously injured when handling fuel.•Keep heat, spari: · 6•23 • [5] FUEL HOSE (LONG) REASSEMBLY: ·-l Check tor cracks and Replace if nocessary. ..:......n.. gal, 2.6 Imp g. (17)INNER Cl n a.oy dirt r fot&ign material from the fuel tank strainer, and check for tea s in the strainer mesh. 6-22 TUBE CUP BAND 12.5 mm (4) REASSEMBLY: (8) MOTOR SIDE (10)0UTLET VALVE [9) FUEL CONNECTOR A [11)TUBE CLIP BAND 20 mm (2) [12)1NLET VALVE [13)FUEL HOSE (SHORT) REASSEMBLY: [14) TANK CAP [15)FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 13 I. (3.4us gal, 2.9Imp gal) ASSEMBLY: Clean the tank o! dirt or dust aocumolation, befor ssembly. • PRIMER VALVE ASSEMBLY 1) Install the inlet valve (has the pin) at the side marie starter case hole OO!ding1ho SUirtcr rcct oottotumand hold 1he staner rope. t2)1nstal tt>e slarter grip. and make a figure eight koot. Pun lho starter rope into the starter grip and install the grip plug. t3)Apply grease tolhe OU1side oftt>e colar. t4)1nstall llle rope guide roller, collar andsel plate, and tight· en lhe 6 x 14 mm washer baH securely. 15)Check the operation of starter assembly by pulling the starter rope several times. 16)1nstall the reel stopper and stopper spring. and set the spring as shown. BF15D·Bf20D S ARTER GRIP SETPLATEIc:!J _ [S) CO AR [4) ROPE GUIDE RO LER STOPPER SPRING [2)REEL STOPPER /-------' 17)1nstall the stopper arm and washer, then S«:ure themusjng a new c»tter pin. d. INSTALLATION 1) Install tho rocoll starter assembly by aligning the recoil starter case and starter ease B asshown. 2) Tighten the 6 X 22 mm Hangc bo.. securely. 3) Connect the neUIT'a.l start cable to the stepperarm. BF15D·Bf200 [2)STOPPERARII [3] WASHER 4) Adjustthe neutral start cable (P. 7-1). [1] NEUTRAL START CABLE 5) Install the engine cover. [5) RECOIL STARTER CASE [4) STARTER CASE 8 [2] STOPPER ARM ,Ą' 6x22(3) [3] RECOIL STARTER ASSEIIBLY 3. STARTER CASE B a. REMOVAL 1} Removethe following pars: -engine cover (P. 5-1 ). · Left engine under cover (P. 5·2). -right engine under cover (P. S--3). · recoil starter (P. 7·2). 2} Pull out the connectors and wires from the holder on the starter case B 3) Pull off the breather tube from the clamp on the starter case 8 and remove it. Disconnect the breather tube from the cylinder head cover. 4) Remove the starter case B with the drain tube attached by disconnecting the drain tubes from the tower setting holes. (1) STARTER CASE B b. INSTALLATION Installation is the reverse order of removal. • See page 2-36 for wires and connectors clamping. BF15D-BF200 WIRES [2) [4) CONNECTORS [2) BREATHER TUBE [3) WATER DRAIN TUBE 8. ENGINE REMOVAUINSTALLATION BF15D-BF200 1. ENGINE REMOVAL 2. ENGINE INSTALLATION 1. ENGINE REMOVAL 1) Remove the following: · engine cover (P. 5·1). · left engine undercover (P. 5·2). • right engine under cover (P. 5-3). · recoil starter (P. 7·1) and neutral start cable (P. 7·9). · remote control cables (P. 14·2). -remote conlrol box wire harness (P. 14-3). 2) Drain llle engine oil to a suitable container (P. 3·3). 3) Remove the two 6 x 22 mm flange bolts and silencer cover. 4) Loosen the carburetor drain screw and drain the carbure· tor to a suitable container. Gasoline Is highly flammable and explosive. You can be burned or seriously injured when handling fuel . • Keep heat, sparks1 and flame away. • Handle fuel only outdoors. • Wipe up spills immediately. 5) Disoonnect the fuel tube B from the fuel fitter. 6) Loosen the pivot bolt fully. Remove the cotter pin and 7 mm washer and disconnect the shit\ linkage trom the shit\ shaft (Remote control type only). 6x22(2) 7) Disconnect t.he wire connector from tho oil pressure swilch. 8) Remove the wires and connectors from the holder ol the starter case B. • Refer to page 2·36 forconnector location. 9) Disoonnect the SE thermal valve wire connectors (Type with electric starter). IO)Pull up tho starter case B slightly and disconnect the drain tube from the starter case B. Remove the 6 x 14 mm flange bolt and throttle cable stay, then disconnect the flnkage pivol ol the lhrotUe cable from the cartluretOe engineinstaD9d on IN frame. 1) Remove the oil Iiiier cap and oil drainboll. and drain lhe engine ool into a suilable conlalner(P. 3-3). 2) Remove lhe follOWing pars: · engine cover(P. 5-t). ·loft englno under cover (P. S-2). -right engine under cover (P. 5-3). -recoil stanor (P. 7·2). 3) Pull out the connectors and wires from the holder on the staner caso B 4) Pull oH the breather tube from lhe clamp on the starter case B and remove it. Disconnect the breather lube from the cylinder head cover. 5) Remove the starter case B with the drain tube attached by disconnecting the drain tubes from lhe lower sening holes. 6) Remove the silencer and carburetor (P. 6-2) and tuet pump (P. 6·17). 7) Disconnect the thermo sensor connector and spark plug caps. and remove the spark plugs. 1G-2 STARTER CASE B (4) HOLDERS (3)DRAIN T\JBES BF15D-BF2DD [3)C NNECTORS (2)BREATHERT\JBE 8) Loosen the timing belt driven pulley mounting boh. 9) Tum the crankshaft clockwise by turning the flywheel clockwise (in the arrow marked direction) until lhc "I" #1 timing mark on the timing belt driven pulley aligns wnh the "t T" mark on the cylinder head. Don't turn the flywheel counterclockwise or the water pump may bo damage. 10) Remove the timing belt from the timing belt driven pulley taking care not to damage the timing bell. 11) Remove the pulley bolt and timing bell driven pulley t2)Remove the tour head cover bolls. cylinder head cover and head cover gasket. 1 -3 BF15D·Bf200 [4) FLYWHEEL [11 CYLIND R HEAD COVER 13)Tum the fuel pump lifter as shown. 14) Loosen the cylinder head bolts in a crisscross pattern in 2 • 3 steps. then remove the cylinder head bolls. 15)Aemove the cylinder head, gasket and dowel pins. BF15D·Bf20D (8) (3) //CYLINDER HEAD 2. OIL PUMP a. DISASSEMBLY 1) Remove lhe three 6 x 35 mm flange botts andremove 1he oil pump assembly and oil pump 0-rlng. Discard the 0ring, replace withnew one when reassembly. 2) Remove lhe IWo 5 x 12 mm nange bolls and remove lhe oil pump cover and cover 0-ring. Discard lhe 0-rlng, replace with new one when reassembly. 3) Remove lhe inner rolor. pump shaft,4 x 15.8 mm pin and 11 mm thrust washer. 4) Remove the outer rotor. (1] BF15D-BF20D OIL PUMP 0-RING (9] --. __ IS) OUTERROTOR fJmm THRUST WASHER (6] PUMP SHAFT b. INSPECTION • ROTOR-llP CLEARANCE ' Measure lhe oil pump rotor lip clearance w..h lhe pump shaft installed. 10-5 (2) OIL PUMP BODY •OUTER ROTOR-TO-BODY CLEARANCE Measure the outer rotor-to·body clearance with the pump shaft installed. • OIL PUMP BODY I.D Measure the pump body I. D. Standard Service limit 40.71 -40.74 mm 40.76 mm (1 .603 -1 .604 in) (1.605 in) • ROTOR-TO-BODY SIDE CL.EARANCE Measure the rotor-to-body side clearance. • OIL PUMP BODY DEPTH Measure the pump body depth. 10-6 BF15D-BF20D • OUTER ROTOR HEIGKT Measure the outer rotor height. 11.98-12.00 mm (0.4717 -0.4724 in) •CAMSHAFT JOURNAL J.D. 11.96mm (0.471 in) Measure and record the oil pump body camshaft journal I. D. c. ASSEMBLY 1) Clean the all disassembled parts with solvent. 2) Install the 4 x 15.6 mm pin to the oil pump shaft. 3) Install the 11 mm thrust washer, pump shaH with the 4 mm pin attached tothe inner rotor by aligning the pin with the groove of the inner rotor. 4) Install the outer rotor. and install the inner rotor with the pump shaft, washer. and pin attached to the pump body. 5) Install a new pump cover 0-ring and pump cover, then tighten the 5 x t2 mm flange bolts. TORQUE: S N•m (0.5 kgf•m, 3.6 1bf•f1) [2) OUTER ROTOR BF15D-BF20D [3) [4) 4 X15.8 mm PIN PUMP COVER O·RING 10-7 -....... .. Replace with new one. // ··..c[9) / i 3.61bf·k)11mmTHRUST.. .. WASHER [B) PUMP SHAFT [7) INNER ROT R [6) PUMP COVER c. INSTALLATION 1) lnslall a new oil pump O·ring to the oil pump body. 2) lnslall lhe oil pump assembly by aligning the groove of the oil pumpshaft with the pin on the camshaft as shown. 3) Tighten the three 6 x 35 mm llange bolt to the specified torque. TORQUE: 11 N•m (1.1 kgf•m, 8 lbf•ft) 3. CYLINDER HEAD DISASSEMBLY Before removing the cylinder head, check the camshah axial play (P. 10-to). t) Remove lhe three 6x35mm ftange bolts oilpump and 0-ring. 2) Loosen the allvalve adjust lock nuts and valve adjusters firmly.3) Pull the rocker armshatt slowly, and remove the rocker arms. spring, and fuel pump lifter. • Markthe rocker arm shaft and all rocker arms so they can be placed back in their original position. 4) Remove the camshaft. (9) No. 1 1NTAKE ROCKER ARM 10-8 [8) (1) ..,.,__-VALVE ADJUSTER LOCK NUT (4) BF15D-BF20D [3) GROOVE [2] OIL PUMP ASSY. [2] FUEL PUMP ROCKER ARM (3] ROCKER ARM PRING (4) No.2 INTAKE ROCKER ARM [5]No. 2 EXHAUST ROCKER ARM ROCKER ARM SHAFT BF15D·BF20D 5) Set the valve spring compressor and compress the valve spring. 6) Romovo the valve ccttcrs, then release tho valVe spring compressor and remove thespring retainer. valve spring, valve spring seat and valve. Remove the valve stem seal if necessary. • Valve stem seal must be replaced with new one when disassembled. • Store all pans according the cylinder so they can be placed back in their original position. 7) Inspect the oil sealfor damage,replace II necessary. 8) Remove the thermo sensor. VALVE COTTERS (2) VALVE SPRING RETAINER (4] VALVE SPRING (1) TIIERMO SENSOR \ (2) VALVE SPRING COMPRESSOR Dn57·0010000 (5] VALVESPRIN SEAT 10-9 a. INSPECTION • CAMSHAFT AXIAL PLAY • Perform this inspection with the rocker arms, rocker arm shaft, and oil pump installed.1) Loosen the valve adjust lock nuls and valve adjusters fully. 2) Turn lhe camshaft so the key groove facing loward the cylinder head cover as shown. 3) Measure lhe camshaft axial play with a dial indicator by movingthe camshaft up and down. 0.05• 0.20 mm (0.012 in) • ROCKER ARMS I) Inspect the sliding surface of !he rocker arms tor wear or damaged where !hey contac11he camshaft. 2) lnspec1 1he wn1ac1 surface of the valve adjuster lor wear or damage. 3) Measure and record the J.D.of the rocker arm. 13.000 ° 13.018 mm (0.513 in} •FUEL PUMP ARM 1) Inspect the sliding surface ot lhe fuel pump litter tor wear or damaged where they contact the camshaft. 2) Measure and record the I.D. of the fuel pump litter. Standard ervice limit 3.1Om(0.5118·0.5150in) 10-10 BF15D-BF20D ------------ 0.020 . 0.056 mm to-sha.. (0.003in) 0.020 · 0.1 18 mm arm-to-shaft ' (0.005 in) • ROCKER ARM SHAFT 1) Measure ane cutter clockwise, never counterclockwise. Continue to tum the cu ter as you tift it from the valve seat. 2) Use the 32' and 60" cutter to narrow and adjust the valve seat so that it contacts the middle of the valve tace. • The 32' cutter removes material lrom the top edge. • The 60<> cutter removes material from the bottom edge. 3) Be sure that the width of the finished valve seat is within specification. 4) Make a light pass with 45" cutter to remove any possible burrs at the edges of lhe seat. 5} After resurfacing the seats, inspect for even valve seating. Apply Prussian Blue compound or erasable felt-tipped marker ink to the valve faces. lnsen the valves. and then lift them and snap lhem closed against their seats several times. Be sure the valve does not rotate on the seat. The seating surface. as shown by the transferred marking compound, should have good contact all the way around. • If the contact position is too high, resurface with the 32' cutter and then to the specified width with the 45" cutter. • If the contact position is too low, resurface with the 60 • cutter and then to the specified width with the 45" cutter. 6) Lap the valves into their scats. using a hand valve tapper and tapping compound (commercially available). 7) Check valve clearance after assembly. @@ To avoid severe engine damage. be sure to remove all lapping compound from the cylinder head before assembly. 10-15 4. CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY 1} Clean the cylinder head with a solvent and blow through al oil passages with compressed 31r. 2) Install a now 0-ring onto the thermo sonso<. 3} Apply liquid sealant (Threo bond #1201, •12t5 or equlva· lent} to the ttorcad of tho thermo sensor. Then install the thermo sensor and tighten itto the specilied torque. TORQUE: 18 N•m (1.8 kgf•m. 13 1bf•ft} 4) Install a new Otl seal, than apply grease to the 1c> of the oil seal 5) Install the valve spring Ssconnect lhe 2P connector from tne thermo sensor and meawre lhe resiStance between lhe sensor terminals at lho roomtomperatyre. Standard resistance: 1 -5 kQ 2) Connect the sensor connector and start tho engine, check the voltage between the Red/blue (+) and Green/black ( ). If there Is no voltage. check the open clrcYil in the wires and Ignition control module. 3) Start the engine and w rm up the engine to normal operattng temperatute. Standard resistance: 200 • 400Q • See page 10·9 for removal and page 1().16 for installation. 11-5 c;1!.Ill0i BF15D·Bf20D 0 50 100 ISO 200 2SO c•FJ (4] COOLANT TEMPER,t.TURE c. INSTALLATION 1) Check the anode, if it is excessively corroded. replace wHh new one. Install the anode and tighten the 5x 20 mm screw securely. 2) Install a new jacket cover Q.ring to the water jacket cover securely. 3) Check the water tube seal. Replace with new one il il is damaged. Install the water tube seal to the water jacket cover. 4) lnstall lhe flush valve spring and flush valVe with the shon side facing the cover side as shown. 5) Install the water jacket cover and tighten the six 6 x 22 mm flange bolts. 6) Install the clip bracket B and wire clamp. 7) Install a new cover gasket to the thermostat cover. 8) Install tl'le thermostat and thermostat cover and tighten the 6 x 36 mm llange bolts securely. WATER .. [2] THERMOSTAT 11-6 (9] BF15D·Bf20D (4)F..USH VA..VE [5) [8] F..USH VA..VE SPRING [7] 5 x 20 mm SCREW JACKET COVER 0-RING JACKET COVER 9) lnstalllhe lgn..ion co· .. . [2] \ ... ..'MIDDLE / (3]·. 10mm (0.41n) • PISTON PINS 1) M asure and re<:ord the piston pin 0.0.at three position shown. t5.994 · t6.000 mm t5.97 mm (0.6297 -0.6299 in) (0.629 in) 2) Calculate the piston pin-to-piston clearance. 0.04mm (0.002 in) • CONNECTING ROD SMALL END I.D. Measure and r cord the connecting rod small end I.D. • PISTON RINGS 1) Inspect the piston rings, r place them ifthey are worn. • Replace the piston ring asa set. 2) Measure the piston ring thickness. Top/second (0.0463 -0.0469 in) (0.043 in) 3) Using a piston, push the ring securely into the cylinder and measur the end gap using a feeler gauge. Standard Top 0.15 -0.30 mm (0.006 -0.012 in) (0.02 in) 0.35 0.50 mm{ Second (0.02 in)lOil 0.20 -0.80 mm rail) (0.008 -0.031 in) (0.04 in) 11-12 BF15D-BF20D 4) Reinstall the piston rings int the piston grooves. Poshin the nng until the outer surface ol the piSion ring is neartyflush with th piston and measure the side clearance USing a leeler gauge. Top/ 0.025 -0.055 mm (0.0010 -0.0022 in) (0.00.. in) 0.0 5-0.140 mm (O.OOBin) d. ASSEMBLY I) Clean lhe ptston and carefully install the piston rings. • Take care not to damage the piston ring by spreading the ends too far. • Be careful no to damage the piston when thepiston ring rernoval. • Clean carbon deposits from the pistonring grooves with a ring tnat will be discarded. Never use a wire brush; it will scratch the grooves. • Do notconfuse thetop and second rings. Thetop ring rs chrome-coated (gray) and second not coated (black).• lnSUIII the top and second rings with the marl< lacing up. • Oil ring; firstinstall the spacerthe install the side rails. 2)Aller Installing the ring make sure that they should be rotate traely, without slicking. 3) Space the ring end gaps 120• apart and sido rail end gaps about 20mm (0.8 in) as shown. 11-13 [6) (7) TOP RING MARK BF15D·BF20D [8] SPACER 4) Applyengine oiltothepiston pin andconnectingrod small end 1.0.and piston pin bore. 5) Install the connecting rod to the piston with the oil groove facing the opposite side ofthe arrow mark on the piston head. 6) Installthe piston pin. 7) Install a new piston pin clip. • Always usea new piston pin clip, neverreuse used clip.• Set the piston pinclip in the groove properly. • Do not align the clip's end gap with the cutout. e. INSTALLATION 1) Apply engine oilto the piston outersurface, piston rings and cylinderwall. 2) Set the pistontoacommerciallyavailable piston ring r.ompressor. Install the pistonswiththe arrow mark on thepistonhead facing up. • l'akecarenot to damage the piston rings and cylinder Wall. 11-14 [2) PISTON END GAP BF15D·Bf200 [3) PISTON PIN [4)CONNECTING ROD [7) PISTONPIN CLIP [8)-CUTOUT (1) PISTON RING COMPRESSOR {Commer<:ialty available) 3) Align the COMecting rod big ends to the cranksha... 4) Apply engine oil to the crank pins and connecting rod caps. 5) Install the connecling rod cap with the index maJ1< lacing down as shown. 6) Apply oil to the threads and flange section of the connect· ing rod bolts and tighten them to the specllled torque. TORQUE: 12 N•m (1 .2 kgf•m, 9 1bf•ft) 7) Set the side cover gasket to tho crankcase side cover. and Install them to the crankcase and tighten the 6x22 mm flange bolts securely. 8) Reinstall the removed parts in the reverse order of removal. 11-15 BF15D-BF2DD INDEXMARK [4)Viewed from the connectingrod boltside 6x22 (4)J 4. CRANKSHAFT/CYLINDER BLOCK a. DISASSEMBLY 1) Remove the engine (Seclion8)and remove the following: · flywheel and timingbctt drive pulley (P. 9·2 and 1 0). · silencer and carburetor (P. 6·2) · fuel pump and fuel filter(P. 6·17). -cylinder head (P. 1 0-2). 2) Tum !he crankshaft until !he piston 1s at top dead center. 3) Remove the eight 6 x 28 mm nanga bOlts. • Loosen the bolts in a crissaosspanem in 2 -3steps. 4) tnsert a SCJewdnveror equivalent tool into the concavein the position shown, andrift !he crankcaS: i-1:10 REASSEMBLY: P. 11-13 BF15D·BF20D BF15D·Bf20D 35.979 • 35.990 mm (1.4165 · 1.4169 in) 35.96 mm (1.416 in) b. INSPECTION • CRANKSHAFT 1) Clean all oil !rom the crank pin and connecting rod big end I.D. 2) Place a piece of plastigauge on the crank pin. install the connec ing rod end cap and tighten the bolts. TORQUE: 12 N•m (1.2 kgl•m, 9 tbl•lt) • Do not rotate the crankshaft white the plastigauge is in place. 3) Remove the connecting rod and measure the plastigauge at its widest portion. 0.020 • 0.049 mm (0.002 in) 4) Measure and record the main journal O.D. 51 Measure the crank pin journal O.D. 31 .989 • 32.000 mm (1.258 in) 11) (3]CONNECTING ROD CAP )1) 121PlASTIGAUGE CRANK PIN O.D. 11-18 BF15D·Bf20D •CONNECTING ROD 1) Measure the connecting rod big end 1.0. 32.020 · 32.033 mm (1.262 in) 2) Install the connecting rod and connecting rod cap, and tighten the connecting rod cap bolts. Me sure the oon· necting rod big end side clearance with the connectingrod facing up asshown using a feeler gauge . ... Service limit (0.02 in) 11-19 BF15D·BF20D c. ASSEMBLY (1] 50X 35 X 8mm OIL SEAL hUO> ..-:-v [12] CRANKCASE COVER [12] OIL PRESSURE SWITCH (11] CRANKSHAFT [10] 8X 14 mm DOWEL PIN [9) CYLINDER BLOCK [8] PISTON AS!;E"!BLY (2) [6] 6x 22(4) \\.. [5] CONNECTING RODCAP(2) [2] CRANKCASE SIDE COVER 14X 20 mm DOWEL PIN ''""45 x 1 mm OIL SEAL 11-20 1) Check lhe oil seal oflhe crankcase cover, replace if dam· aged. Remove the oil seal and discard it. Install a new oil seal securely. 2) Apply grease to the lip of the oil seal. 3) If the oil pressure switch removed, install the oil pressure switch. • Protect the threads by applying sealing tape 1.5to 2 lurns or applying the liquid sealant, and lighten the oil pressure switch tothe specified torque using a torque wrench. Do not overtighten the adapter to avoid dam· aging the threads of the crankcase cover. TORQUE: 8 N•m (0.8 kgf•m, 6 1bf•ft) 4) Check the oil seal of lhe cylinder block, replace if dam· aged. Remove the oil seal and discard il. Install a new oil seal securely. 5) Apply grease to the lip of the oil seal. 6) Apply molybdenum oil solution to the crankshaM journals and crank pins. Install the crankshaft. • Take care not to damage the oil seal 11-21 [2[CRANKCASECOVER .. BF15D·BF20D [2)CRANKSHAFT [1)CYLINDERBLOCK ....x45x7mm OILSEAL 7) Set the Clllnkshah at T.D.C. by turning. 8) Clean lhe crankcase cover and cylinder .blockmating sur· faces with a degreasing cleaning agent or a clean shop towel. 9) Apply liquid sealant (Three Bond 1280 or equivalent) to the position shown on the crankcase cover. • Apply a bead about 1.5 mm (0.06 in) in diameter. • Assemble the crankcase side cover within 3 minutes after application of the liquid sealant. • Wait tor 20 minutes after assembly. Do not add oil or start the engine during this period. 10)Mako sure that the 14 x 20 mm dowel pin is in the place. 11 )Install the 8 x 14 mm and crankcase cover. 11-22 BF15D·BF20D (1J Apply a bead abo"' 1.0 mm (0.04 in) in diameter. (1) \ \ .:'.J : Don1apply . · th1sarea. .: CRANKCASE COVER ax 14 mm DOWEL PIN BF15D·Bf20D 12)Appty oil to the threads and ftange surtaces of the 6 x 28 mm ftango bolts and tighton them to the specified torque. • Tighten the bolts in the numbered sequence shown in 2 • 3 steps. TORQUE: 14N•m (1.4 kg1•m, 10lbf•ft) 13)Apply engine oil to lhe piston outer surface, piston rings and cylinder wall. 14)Set the piston to a commercially available piston ring compressor. Install the pistons with the arrow mark on the piston head facing up. • Take care not to damage the piston rings and cylinder wall. PISTON RING COM· PRESSOR (Commercially available) 11-23 BF15D-BF20D IS) Align theconnecting rod big ends tothe ctank$haft. 16)Apply engine oil to the crank pins and connecting rod [2) INDEX MARK caps. t7)1nstallthe connecting rod cap by aligning theindex mart<. [I[ CONNECTING ROD CAP (2) IS) Apply oil to the threads and flange section or the connect· [3) lng rod bolts and lighten them to the specifiedtorque. Vi.Wtedfrom the connecting botl side TORQUE: 12 N•m (1.2 kgf•m, 91bf•ft) (4) CONNECTINGRODBOLT (4) 19}Setthe side covergasket to the crankcase side cover, and Install them to the crankcase and tighten the 6 x 22 [1) SIDE COVER GASKET mm nange bolts securely. a:J)Rcinstall the removedparts:·timing bell drive pulley(P. 9-11 ). ·chargeooilaod l!ywheet (P. 9-8). • cytin-20). • roc04l starter (P. 7·9). • fuel pump and fuel fiHer (P. &18). -carburetor and silencer (P.6·13). 11-24 12. OIL CASE/STERN BRACKET/SWIVEL CASE BF15D·Bf2DD 2. FRICTION ADJUST LEVER 3. MOUNT FRAME 38 N•m (3.9 kgl•m, 28 1bf•tl) ----...{} 12-1 5. SWIVEL CASE 12 N•m kgf•m, 9 1bf•tt) 1. OIL CASE a. DISASSEMBLY 1) Remove 1he engine (sec1ion 8) then, remove the follow· ing: • propeller and gear case (P. 4·9). • extension case and lower mot.flt rubber(P. 4-26). • remo1e control cable (P. 14-2). · tiller handle (P. 15·2). -shift linkage (P. 13·2). 2) Remove the shift rod A, adjusting nut and oil case grommet 3) Remove the two 10 x 25 mm flange bolts and remove the oil case. 4) Remove the four 6 x 12 mm flange bolts and remove the upper mount rubber and set plates. • Check the upper mount rubber for damage or deterio· ration, replace if necessary. (7]UPPER MOUNT RUBBER (2) [61SET PLATE (2) 6x12(4) -----,..{\ [5[ SHIFT ROO A (41OIL CASE GROMMET E [31ADJUSTING NUT 12-2 BF15D-BF2DD [1] 15 x 28x 6 mm WATER SEAL [2] OIL CASE .. ---------10x25( 2) b. WATER SEAL REPLACEMENT 1) Check lho water seal. replace with new one if damaged. Remove and discard the water seal. 2) Install a new water seal properly. 3) Apply marine grease to the lips of the water seal. c. ASSEMBLY t) Apply maJine grease to the inside ofthe oil case grommet E. Install the shift rod A. adjusting nut and oil case grom· met. 2) Inspect the upper mount rubber for cracks or damage, replace if necessary. Install the upper mount rubber with the shorter side facing toward the engine as shown. Install the set plate and tighten the 6 x 12 mm flange bolts to the specified torque. TORQUE: 12N•m(1.2kgf•m,9tbf•ft) 3) Install the oil case onto tile mount frame assembly. 4) Tighten the the two tO x 25 mm flange bolts 10 the speci· lied torque. TORQUE: 38 N•m (3.9 kgf•m, 28 1bl•ft) 5) Install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal. [1]ENGINE SIDE [2] Longer [9)UPPER RUBBER(2) SET PLATE (2) 12 N•m (1.2 kgf•m.91bf•fl) 12-3 [7]ADJUSTING NUT BF15D-BF20D [3] SHIFT ROD A [4] OIL CASE GROMMET E [5) OILCASE [6)MOUNT FRAME 2. FRICTION ADJUSTING LEVER a. DISASSEMBLY • The friction adjusting fever can be seiViCed with the oil case and engine installed. 1) Remove the 8 mm self-locking nut 2) Remove the 8 mm washer, friction adjusrtng lever, 8 mm nylon washer and friction block. ..) Remove the two 6 x 12 mm nange bolls and friction plate. 4) Remove the friction block. b. ASSEMBLY 1) Belore installa1ion, check ll1e disc surface olthe friction block lor wear. Replace if necessary. 2) Clean ofl grease or oil from the disc surfaces of the fric· tion blocks and friction plate. Install one of the friction block onto the friction lever shaft by aligning the cutout with the boss on the swivel case and facing the disc surface toward the fric.1ion plate as shown. 3) Install the friction plate to the mount frame by aligning the groove with the friction lever shaft. 12-4 [1) 8mm NUT [51 FRICTION PLATE BF150-BF200 4) Install the otl>er friction block onto the friction lever shalt by aligning tho cutout with the boss on the swivel case and facing the disc surface toward the friction plate. 5) Install the 8 mm nylon washer, friction adjusting lever and 8 mm washer. 6) Turn ltle adjusting lever to the right fully, and hold it in this position and tighten the 8 mm seH·Iocking nut to the spe.:ilied torque. TORQUE: 2.5 N•m (0.25 1--._ (comnwtrclally available)[1] 1/ :::,--::...TILT ( Iz' Q j ,I , ' 1 -I rs1 'iRELEASE TILT LEVER ROD \ BRACKET I If t TrsJ I 6) Engage therelease rod tothe reverse loci< arm. 7) Apply grease totheshaft piVOI holeS olthe swiwl caseand install thO reverse lock arm, nwerselock cottarand reverselockshaftA. 8) Install the 6 mm plain washer and install a new2 mm cotter pin, and spread the ends as shewn. 9) Apply grease to the reverse lock hook pivot hcles olthe reverse lockarm. IO)tnstall the reverse lock springs. reverse lock hook and reverse lock shaft B. 1t)Jnstalitha 6 mm plain washer and install a now 2 mm cot· terpin, and spread the ends as shown. 12-16 BF15D·BF200 LOCK SHAFT A (4) 2mm COTTER PIN REVERSE LOCK (5) RE E S ELOCK SHAFT B (2]REVERSE LOCKSPR:tNG(2) (4) 2mm COTTER PIN BF15D·Bf20D 12)Check the tilt lever bushing A for wear or damage, replace with new one if necessary. 13)Apply grease to the tilt lever bushing B. 14)Install the tilt ann. tilt shaftand tilt shaft bracket. 15)Turn the tilt shaft until the looking tab faces toward up, and align the pin holes of the tilt shaft bracket with pin hole of till shaft and set a new 3 x 25 mm spring pin. 16)0rive the spring pins using a commercially available pin driver until the both projected distances are equally as shown. TILT SHAFT 12-17 Bf15D·Bf20D t7)1nstallthe tilt lever spring with the short end toward the tilt lever bracket. IS)Set !he locking tab to the hole on the tiH arm as shown. 19) Install new lock washer by aligning the locking tab with the hole on the tilt arm. ro)Tighten the 6 mm hex. nut securely, then bend ttle tab to lock the nut asshown. 12-18 BF15D·BF20D 21)1nstall the tilt link sprig with the long end hookto the tilt shaff bracket. 12-19 13. SHIFT LINKAGE 2. SHIFT LEVER (1] SHIFT ARMITHROTTLE ARM (Remote control type) 13-1 BF15D.BF20D 12 N•m (1.2 kgt•m, 9 1b1•ft) (2] SHIFT ARMITHROTTLE ARM (Tiller handle type) 1. SHIFT ARMfTHROTilE ARM (Remote control type) a. REMOVAL 1) Removethotolowing: -engine CCN&r(P.5-1) -right engine undercover(P. 5-3). 2) Disconnecl lhe remote control cables. 3) Loosen the 5 x 8 mm boll. then dlsconnecl lhe lin.. plvol from lhe carburetor lhrollfe lever. 4) Remove lhe 6 x 40 mm hex boll. then remove lhe dislance collar, shill arm and throttle arm. 5) Stretch lhe 2 mm collar pin and and remove il and 7 mm washer, lhen disconnect lhe shill link rod from the shill arm. b. INSTALLATION lnstalation iS the reverse order ol removal. • Afteronslallalion ad1us1 the lhrollle linkage (P. 3-13). (I)CONTROl CABlE (2]THROTTLE (3)CARBURETOR lEVER (I) LINKAGE PIVOT .._ __ ._ (I OJ Sx 8 mm BOlT [9) 6 X 40 mm HEX. BOlT 13-2 [8i 6mm WASHER [7) 6•11X27mm DISTANCE COllAR SHIFT LINK ROD BF15D·Bf200 (4)2 mm COTTER PIN (2) [iNsTAllATION: Replact) with tulw ono. Do not 2. SHIFT LEVER (Tiller handle type) a. REMOVAL 1) Remove 1lle 2 mm cot10t pin and 5 mm washer. read the end of the cotter pin as shown. Remote control lype; Apply grease to the link rod, and connect the link rod to the shift shaft. Install the 7 mm washer and a new 2 mm cotter pin, spread the end of the cotter pin as shown. 13-7 [2) 5 mm PLAIN WASHER BF15D·Bf20D [1)SHIFT SHAFT [3) 2 mm COTTERPIN [4) UNK ROD 4) Install the &hdt shaH plates with the slonod hole toward front as shown and tighten the 5 x 12 mm nanga bolts securely. 5) Install the detonto spring and spring set plate (Remote control type: t,tiller handle type: 2) and tighten the 5 x 12 mm flange boH securely. • Align the small hole with the boss or theoil case. • Align tho cutout of the spring set plato woth the boss of the ool case. 6) Set the &holt shaH in the reverse position as shown. 7) Turn the lock nut on the shiH rod B to obtain 8 mm (0.3 In) from top of the shiH rod B to top of the lock nut as shown. 8) Make sure that the shift rod Is In reverse position and connect the shift rod B to the shih rod A by threading the adjusting nut until the adjusting nut comesIn contact with the lock nut 9) When the adjusting nut contacts lho loci< nut, lighten theloci< nut by holding the adjusting nut. TORQUE: 10 N•m (1.0 kgf•m, 7 1bf•ft) tO)Connect the control cables (Remote control type). 11)After installation, be sure that the gearshilt lever or remo1e control lever moves smoothly into all gear position. t2) Relnstall the removed parts In the reverse order of removal: • ignitoon contrcl module and neutral switcfl (Soction 16). -right engine under cover (P. 5-2). -eng.1ne cover (P. 5-1). 13·8 BF15D·Bf20D\ SPRING 5X t2 SET PLATE [1] SHIFT IbPLATE(2) (4] SMALL HOLEI ..JI (2)LOCK NU [5]DETENTE SPRING (1] SHIFT SHA.FT (Neutral position) 14. STEERING ROD/REMOTE CONTROL BOX BF15D·Bf2DD I : ..lEERING ROD ..EMOTE CONTROL CABLE 1. STEERING ROD a. DISASSEMBLY/REASSEMBLY (1]STEERING CABLE (11) __ >STEERING PLATE.-' /// .. (10] //3/8-24UNF NUT / -· / 191 ' . · · STEERING ROD /COLLAR / ../ I. '' 4. REM TE CONTROL BOX (2] MARINE GREASE (8] /10 mm WASHER // ..--(4](7] 318-24UNF BOLT 14-1 ---( 2].. MARINE GREASE .... TILTING BOLTCAP (6] 318·24 UNFSELF-LOCKING NUT BF15D-BF2DD 2. REMOTE CONTROL CABLES a. REMOVALJINSTALLATlON • MOTOR SIDE [3) 1J Remove the following: -engine cover (P. 5-1). REMOTE CONTROL CABLE · right engine vndercover (P. 5·3). (THROTTLE SlOE) (4) • Cable Dlaconnection REMOTE CONTROL CABLE Slide the relainer down (shill arm) or up (throttle arm) then (SHIFT SIDE) pull offthe cable pivot fromthe control arm. (2) CABLE PIVOT (2) (71 THROTTLE ARM [5) (1) GROMMET 10.32 UNF LOCK NUT (2) [8) SHIFT ARM (8) (7) SHIFT ARM THROTTLE ARM • Cable Connection t) Before connection. adjvst the cable pivot po6ilion as tal­ [1) THROTTLE ARM lowing Stutt Cable: a. Sot tho contro l lover to the neutral position. b. Adjust tho cable pivot position by tuning the cable pivot with the shift shaft in neutral position. Throltle Cablo: a. Set the control lever to the fully open poeition. b. AdjuSt the cable pivot position by tunong !hecable pivot [2) SHIFT ARM with the carburetor full throole pos.ion. 2) Slide up the retainer, then set the cable PIVOt and seeurethe pivot by sliding dovm !he retainer aligning n wnh the groove of the cable pivot 3) Tighten the lock nuts securely. 14-2 • CONTROL BOX SIDE • Screw the lock nut and eye end more than 8 mm (0.3 in)onto the threads of the remote control ..ble and lighten theloCk nut securely. • Apply grease to thepinat the controlarm beforeconnect· ing the cable. • Aftor installation, adiust thecablesand connectto the motor(P, 14·2). [10) REMOTE CONTROL CABLE --------- 14-3 BF15D-BF20D [1)More than 8 mm (0.3 in) \ 1o-32UNFLOCK NUT (2) [6)CONTROL BOXCOVER C (7]5 X .5 mm SElF-TAPPING SCR 2 N·m 3. CONTROL BOX WIRE HARNESS a. REMOVAUINSTALLATION 1) Remove theengine cover. (2)6P CONNECTOR [I) 4P CONNECTOR [9) CONTROL BOX WIRE HARNESS WIRE BAND CLIP lign thewire be ol tho oonuol I box wire harneiS W1lh tne oil case grommet and Clamp lhe wuc haf'AQ$$ $GCUI'City. [8..2 ! SIDE·: [8)·3OIL CASE WIRE TIE GROMMET [6)STARTER CABL.E Alogn !he wtoot wlfl !he pin en lhe oil case (6)·1 CUTOUT [6)-1 PIN 14-4 [3)WIRE BAND CLIP Allgn lhe ""''t• tape ot tho battory cable with the oil case grommet [5)·2WHITE TAPE BF15D·BF20D 4. REMOTE CONTROL BOX a. DISASSEMBLY • COVERS AND CABLES 1} Remove the two 5 x 25 nun self· lapping screws and con· trol box cover. 2} Remove the 6 mm lock pins and washers and disconnect the control cables, two 6 mm washers and cable clamp spaoer. 3) Remove the 5 x 12 mm oval screws and fast idle lever. 4) Remove the five 5 x 25 mm self-tapping screws and con· lrol box cover B. BF15D· BF20D [7J CONTROL BOX COVER CI [8)[6) 1 5 x 25 mm [3] 6 mm LOCK PIN (2) SCREW (2)....1....; REW (2) -../·[2) WASHER FAST IDLE LEVER [4] •-SCREW (5) , • (9)REMOTE CONTROL CABLE(THROTILE SIDE) [10) CABLE CLAMP SPACER t_ _ _ _ ·-----[12) CONTROL BOX COVER B 14-5 . REMOTE CONTROL CABLE (SHIFT SIDE) • ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 1) Remove the 22 mm lock nut and ignttion switch. 2) Remove the 16 mm lock nut and emergency stop switch. 3) Cut the wire band and discard it and disconnect the wire connectors. • When installing. use a new wire band and secure the wire connectors. 4) Remove the control box wire harness, warning buzzer, ignition switch emergency stop switch and indicator. 14-6 J.,I tbl·ft) BF150-BF200 N-m (0.49 kgf.m, 3.5 1bl·ft) • SLIDING PLATE 1) Remove the 4 mmE-clip and 6 mm washerand disconnect the link joint arm from the fast idle wheel. 2) Remove the fast idle spring. 3) Remove the 5 x 10 mm screw and 5 mm washer. Remove the fast idle cam and spring. 4) Remove the 5 .. 10 mm self-tapping screw, and remove the spring set ring, 13 x 13 mm fast idle detente roller, tast idle detente spring and 5 mm washer. 5} Remove the 4 x 10 mmselt·tapping screw, 4 mm washer and switch start cam. 6) Remove the 6 x 6 mm roller. 14-7 [12] 4mm WASHER [3] 5 mm WASHER ---.... .. BF15D-BF20D [4] 5 x 10 mm SCREW BF15D-BF20D 7) Remove !he 7 mm E·clip and 6 mm washer and remove the link joint arm and link joint collars. 8) Remove !he 6 x 10 mm screw and remove the join! link bracket and sliding plate (2)8mm WASHER UNK JOINT COLLAR (2) (10) (11)6mm WASHER LINK JOINT ARM [9]SLIO!NG PLATE COLLAR [3) 7 mm E-CL!P [4]5mm HEX. NUT \ ..S:o1:P.... BOLT \ .. \ 6X10[.. mmSCREW [7]LINK JOINT BRACKET (8]SLIDING PLATE 14-8 • CONTROL WHEEL 1) Remove the 8 x 35 mm hex. bolt and washer. 2) Remove the control lever and control wheel. 3) Remove the shift link arm. 4) Remove the 5x 10 mm sen-tapping screw, and remove the spring set plate, 9 x 10 mm detente roller, spring and 6 mm washer. 5) Remove the 5x 10 mm seH-tapping screw, 5 mm washer and neutral switch cam. BF15D-BF20D (5)6) Remove the 3 mm E-clip and 4 mm washer. then remove tho friction adjusting rod, 6 mm hex. nut, 4 mm washer and friction block. 5lt'10mmSELF-TAPPING SCREW 7) Remove the two 6 x 16 mm self-tapping screws and neu/ (6]tral lock block. I 5 mm WASHER (4) 8 x 35 mm HEX. BOLT .... _., ....l/TRAL SWITCH CAM [3) 8 mm /[2) CONTROL WHEEL [8)-.[1) 28 mmWASHER FRICTlON ......_.....____ _ _ _ ADJUSTINGROD 1211 mm HEX. NUT SHIFTLINK ARM-[10) 120l ..:6..o..........c-(18) s.ax 27.1 mm SHIFTDETE_NTE SPRING (11) 4 mm WASHER (2) 9 x 10 mm SHIFT (12) 3 mm E-CUP DETENTE ROLLER (5) 5 x 10 mmSELF-TAPPING SCREW [13]SPRINGSET PLATE REMOTE CONTROL BOXHOUSING (14]6mm WASHER 14-9 BF15D·BF200 • CONTROL LEVER 1) Removethe 5 x 10 mm screw, lever set plateandneutral release lever and lever spring. 2) Remove the 5 x 12 mm self·tapping screw and contro' lever grip. [4] (3] 5 X 10mm SCREW LEVER SPRING I (2] 5 X 12 mm SELF-TAPPING SCREW (5] _,---LEVER SET PLATE (6) NEUTRAL RELEASE LEVER (9) GROMMET [8) CONTROL LEVER LEVER CAP 14-10 WhiteBlack red bl ck yellow white .., c. INSPECTION • IGNITION SWITCH Checktorcontinuity between the terminals according to the table below. There should be continuity between 0-0. • EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH Check for conlinuity between the terminals according to the table below. Clip engaged. Clip disengaged. -- · Clip engaged and button pushed. Thereshould be continuity. •INDICATOR The green indicator should tum on when connecting a 12V battery (+) terminal to the Gray terminal and H to the Orange termin l. Thered indicator sho ld turn on when connecting a 12V bat· tery (;-) terminal to the Gray terminal and (-)to the Red ter· minal. • Besurethe battery is in good condnion before performing the test •WARNING BUZZER Connect a battery(+) terminal10 the Blacl lhe brushes. If necessary,replace the brush holder as an assembly. •ARMATURE 1) Check the armature lor wear or damage. Check the overrunning clutchinstallation section of theshaft for wearor damage. Replace H necessary. · 2) VisuallyInspect thecommutaJor surtace for dust, rust or olhcr damage. If necessary, wipe il wilh aclean lint·freecloth ordresswith afine emery dolh. 16-4 12) RE.ARHOUSING BF15D-BF20D ISJ 6 mm WASHER BF15D·Bf200 3) Measure the mica depth. If the grooves are clogged, dean lhe grooves and measure the depth egain. If the measurement is less than the service lim... replace the armature. 4) Check for c:cnbooily between each segment If an open cucult exists between any two segmenl, replace the armature. 5) Check for contlnu..y between the commutator and ar a· lure co•l core. If continwty exists, replace the armature. 6) Check lor conlinuny between the commuiRior and armature shalt. If there is continuity, replace the armature. • STARTER MAGNEllC SWITCH • This test can be performed wi th the starter magnetic switch installed on the starter motor. • Be sure the battery is ln good condition before performing this test. Connect a 12 v battery to the magnetic switch terminals as shown. There should be continuity between the battery and starter motor terminals. There should be no continuity when the battery Is discon · nected. •OVERRUNNING CLUTCH 1) Check the pinion gear for wear or damage and replace ff necessary. If the pinion gear is worn or damaged, the flywheel ring gear must be inspected. 2} Check the overrunning clutch for smooth axial movement. Apply gear oil or replace the overrunning clutch if neces· sary. 3) Check the overrunning clutch operation by holding the armature and turning the overrunning clutch. The over· running clutch should turn counterclockwise freely and should not tum clockwise viewed from overrunning clutch side. 16-6 (2) BLACK BF15D ·BF20D (1) BLACK/WHITE Not tu;; [2] Turn BF15D· BF2DD d. ASSEMBLY (22]FRONT 8RACKET [12)THRUST (21)0VERRUNNING WASHER (3) CLUTCH (20)WASHER 3)ARMATURE [19)RETURN SPRING [18]PINION STOPPER [17)14mm LOCK RING [16] 6mm SELF·LOCKING NUT N•m (0.55 kgl•m, · [15)STARTER I 4.0 lbl•ft) MAGNETIC SWITCH 1..7 1) Apply grease to the armature shaft, bearing and seal lip and sliding surface of the overrun[ 2] PINION STOPPER [3] RETURN SPRING (4] [5] FRONT BRACKET [7] 14 mm LOCK RING BF15D-BF20D (1) OVER-RUNNING CLUTCH [1] PINION STOPPER [1] FRONT BRACKET ..... [6] [4] YOKE ol the frontbracket. ning clutch. 2) Installthe front bracket onto the armature. 3) Install the overrunning clutch, washer, return spring and pinion stopper. 4) Hold the armature upright and posh down the pinion stopper using an offset wrench and install Ute stopper ring. 5) Make sure that the seal ring is in good condition, replace il necessary. Install the seal ring onto the yoke. • Set the seal ring onto the stepped section of the yoke properly taking care not to pinch with the yoke and front bracket. 6) Make sum that there is no obstruction on the magnets. Install the yoke noting the installation direction as shown and align the index mark on the yoke with the index mark on the frontbracket. 16-8 7) Install the bruises and brush springs inthe brush holder. 8) Apply oil to the O·ring and ins tall the insulator coll ar and 0-ringto the brvsh holder. 9) Install the brush holder tothe rear housing by aligning the tab of the brvsh holder with groove ofthe rear housing as shown. 10)1nstall the insulator and 6 mm washer and tighten the 6 mm washer nutsecurely. 11)Apply grease 10 the armature shaft. Install the washers ontothe armature shaft. Note the washers installation position. 12)Make sure that the seal ring is In good condition, replace il necessary. Install the seat ring. Set the seal r ing onto the stepped section of the yoke properly taking care not to pinc h wah the yoke and rear housing. 16-9 (9) TAB (8] GROOVE (7 6mm WASHER [1) WASHER(2) (Thin) [21 WASHER (Thick) [3) SEAL RING STEPPED SECTION BF15D·BF20D O.RING [4) REAR HOUSING BF15D·Bf20D t3)1nstall the rear bracket and align the index mark on the rear housing with the index mark on the yoke. t4)1nstall the starter suspension onto the yoke. tS)Appty oil to new O·rings and install the set plate and the O·ringto each through bolt. t6)Tighten the through bo..s securely. t7)Set the starter suspension by aligning the cutout of the suspension with the terminal as shown. t8)tnstall the starter magnetic switch and tighten the 6 x t4 mm nange bo.. to the specitied torque. TORQUE: 7 N•m (0.7 kgl•m, 5.1 lbl•fl) 16-10 [3] [5] [6) \ [2] REAR HOUSING [4] TROUGH BOLT (2) [7] CUTOUT [71 MOTOR SUSPENSION 7 N•m (0.7 kgf•m, 5.1 lbf•ft) e. INSTALLATION 1) Install the 10 x 12 mrn dowel pin onto the crankcase cover. 2) Install the starte< motor and tighten lhe 8 x 45 mm flange botts securely. 16-11 ..---8 X 45 (2) [1) STARTER MOTOR [2] lOx 12 mm DOWEL PIN (2) BF15D-BF20D 19)1ns1all the starter cord between the brush terminal and starter magnetic switch terminal and loosely install the 6 mm self·locte self-locking nullo the specilied torque. TORQUE: 5.5 N•m (0.55 kgf •m, 4.0 lbf•ft) 6) Secure the battery cable. charge wire and control box wire harness (Remote control lype only) with the cable band on the staner magnetic switch. 7) Install the removed pans in the reverse order of removal: -fiywheel (P. 9-11). -recoil starter (P. 7-9). -leh engine under cover (P. 5-3). ·engine cover (P. 5-1). [3]·1 ]·2 Tiller handle type Remote control type [3]-3CONTROL BOX HARNESS \ . \ I....J-4 I STARTER CABLE [2] STARTER CABLE [4] CONNECTOR BRACKET A 16-12 [2] CABLE [3] WIRE BAND BF15D-BF20D [1 I 6 mm SELF-LOCKING NUT (1I 6mm SELF-LOCKING NUT [5] STARTERMAGNETICSWITCH WIRE 2. STARTER CABLE (Type with electric starter) a. REMOVAL 1) Remove the following: • englno covor (P. 5·1). ·left engine under cover (P. 5·3). 2) Remove the fuse holder from the fuse holder bracket. 3) Pull ofl 1M while wire (fuse line) connectors from the holder on the starter case B, and disconnect them. 4) Open the three wire band dips and relllOYe the spiral pro­tectO'> lhe oil case and tlghlen lhe 6 x 14 mm !lange boil securely. 3) Roule the starter cable. 4) Tighten lhe ground lerminal to the cylinder block using the6x 12 mm nanga boll. 5) Connect lhe starter cable to the starter magnetiC swijch and adjust the terminal direction so that the starter cable contacts to the clamp bracke1 on the starter magnetic switch body as shown. 6) Tighten the self·tocking nutlthe specilled torque. TORQUE: 5.5 N•m (055 kgf m, 4.0 tbf It) . 7) Secure the starter cable and control box wire harness (Romo1o conlrol type only) wilh lho cable band on the Slatter magnelie switch. [1) $TARTER CABLE (5) CLAMP BRACKET BF15D·BF20D (1) WlliTE WIRE [7) OILCASE [2) BATTERY GROMMET CABLES 6 X 14 (3) STARTER CABLE BRACKET (4) WIRE(5) BOSS BANDCLIP 6 X 12 (4) STARTER CABLE (3) GROUND TERMINAL 16-15 BF15D-BF20D 8) Connect the whrte wire connectors and set them to the coonector holder on the starter case B. • Refer to page 3·31 (Tiller handle type) or 3-33 (Remo te control type) for wire and connector locations. 9) See the fuse holder to the fuse holder bracket. 10)Route the charge wire (fuse line) along the main wire harness as shown and wrap the wires with the spiral protec· tors. Secure the them with the wire band clips. 11)Reinstafl the removed parts in the reverse order of rem oval. [5) FUSE HOLDER (LOWE. Wrap the wires with the spiral pro· tector st<=.rting from the branch pointotthe ain a.rness. [9)-1 MAIN WIRE HARNESI [9)-2 SPIRAL PROTECTOR [1) WHITE WIRE (From fuse hokler) [6) PIRAL PR TECTOR (UPPER) (8) ENGINE SIDE STOPPER [7} Make &ure that there is c..nce between the wire harness and angJne side stopper. 16-16 3. CHARGE RECEPTACLE WIRE (Type with SA charge coil) a. REMOVAL 1) Remove lhe following: -engine cover (P. 5·1).• leh engine under cover (P. 5·3). 2) Remove the luse holder from the fuse holder bracket. 3) Pull off the white wire (majn fuse line) connectors from the holder on the startercaseB. and disconnect them. 4) Open tho three wire bands and remove the spiral protectors. 5) Pull off the white wire connector from the connector bracket A and disconnect the connector. 6) Open the wi re band clip on the battery cable bracket BF15D·BF200 [2] WHITE WIRE (From fu9e holder) [3] HOLDER [4) STARTER CASE B [5] CONNECTOR BRACKET A 16-17 [1OJ BATTERY CABLE BRACKET (6] UPPER SPIRAL PROTECTOR LOWER SPIRAL PROTECTOR 8) Removell>e charge receptacle from theholderat the tillerhandle and remove the charge receptacle wire. b. INSPECTION • Before Inspection or replacement, disconnect the battery cable from the battery. • FUSE AND FUSE HOLDER See page 16·14 lor inspectiO colt (2) GRAY 1 • Use a tester that is equivalent to or higherthan the performance specified; Internal resist nce:20 k ONOC, 9 k ONAC • Be careful not to touch the metallic part of the tester probe with your body, otherwise correct resistance value cannot be obtained RAY2(3) G EN TE • Read the tester manufacturer's operation instructions carefully before operation w..h a tester. Follow the instructions of the Service Manual. Be sure the tester's battery is fully charged and check tho meter before u ing thetester. [61 Type with 12A charge colt (2) GRAY 1 • Use a R x t scale of an commercially available multimeter, and meter shows current flow from negative (-) to positive (+). The meter shows current flowing one way and not other the diode is good. •Type wHh 6A charge colt Unrt: k Q (31 Gray 2 141 White 151 Green -..---l21 1i_ 131 Grayj )41 While 2-40 2 · 40 • Type wHh 12A charge colt ---[ 1] Tester probe(+) Gray t -..... 00 [31 Gray 2 00 00 ··· ·· -------[61 Black§: 00 00 00 Brown/ 00 00 00 00 Unit: k Q [7] Ycliowl [8] Brown! white 00 00 00 00 00 00 .. BF15D-BF20D c. INSTALLATION Installation is the reve se order of removal. • Connect the connectors and set the connectors and w resto the holder on the starter case B. See page 2·36 for oonnector and wire locatons. (1) Type with 12A charge coil (2) Type with 6A charge colt (3) HOLDERS [7] SPIRAL PROTECTOR [7)-t MAIN WIRE HARNESS (4] SPIRAL PROTECTOR (UPPER) SPIRAL PROTECTOR [5] Makesure that thereis cearance [6] ENGINE SIDE STOPPER betweent'he wire ham&ss and engine side stopper. 16-32 • Connect the connectors and set thecoonectors andwires totheconnector bracket A. See page2-31 (Tillar handle type)or2-33 (Remotecontrol type) for connector loca· lions. 16-33 BF15D-BF20D (1] REGULATORIRECTIAER WIRE (2] REGULATOR/RECTIFIER WIRE (Type with 6A charge coil: GREEN Type with 12 A charge coil: WHITE/BLACK) (4) REGULATOR/RECTIFIER WIRE (WHITE/BLACK) BF15D·Bf20DTILLER HANDLE TYPE (Type wit12A charge coli) [i)FLYWHEEL ClTTERY(12Y) !:l ARTERMAGNEnCSwtTCH [24) STARTER SW!Tctt (24) STARTER SWlTCtt [23) EIIER ENCSlOP SWITCH .. TOR .... 0EWW ..EWW [2)GROUND .eb ULATOR/ i'"' [18) NEUTRAL SWITCH NEUTRALo+oGEARIN .. UNO ® VALVE HEATER .. lJl RMOSENSOR PRESS URESWITCH(14] I NmON COIL [2]GRO ND SPARK SPARK PLUG PL G BF150-BF200REMOTECONTROLTYPE (2) TACHOMETER [3) VOLT METER /' . . -.... ..··-··\ /··· · ··. , - \ 1 r." ' METER I I ' ' I : : i ../ (1) .. b .. .. ! ! i,, • ' ?; a1 111 ?; SWITCH :i.. '.... , . . . . , "' I ' .. vvYĄ O..V j l 1 i i .... ...... ! 1 i 1 i ....lntERUAL (15)FLYW EEL 1 16) PULSEGENERATOR VALVEHEATERCOIL . COIL(12Y.12A) . . i ! .. ci; ARNESS A HARN ESS B • ! lrl ___[31)REMOTE (1.. ..fke RMAGNETICSWITCH 0 .. I ill ill 'I I BVY [8) OROUND ..BUZZER. ' Lq--<0 . I ..':lmo N I Ll>--<>= SWITCH . I .... I I I I I .. _,, UGKT___j (20A) I::..ULATOR/RECTIFIER (680) (8) GAOUND (11)GRA Y " "'"' (24) NEUTRALSWITCHu (23) CDI UNIT I!! VALVE HEATER ..HERMO(18) SENSOROILPRESSURESWITCH [20] IGNmON COIL 2SPARK SPARK PLUG PLUG (&)GROUND BF15D•BF20D Paper Book Part No. 66ZYOOOZ PREFACE This manual covers the construction. function and servicing procedures of the Honda BF150 and BF200, Oulboard Motors.(Pc>wer tih and Gas assisted tilt type; For service information which is not cove-red in this sup.. plement, please refer to the base shop manual. part number 66ZVOOO. All infc>rmati<>n contained in this manual is based on the latest product information available at me time of print· ing. We reserve the right to make changes at any time without notice. No part of this publication may be repu read this manual. you will find infc>rmati<>n mat·is preceded by a.. symbol. The purpose <>I this mes· sage is to help prevent damage to the outboard motor. <>mer property, c>r Ihe envirc>nment. SAFETY MESSAGES Your safety, and the safety of others, are very impor· tant. To help you make informed decisions. we have provided safety messages and <>ther safety infonmation throughout this manual. Of course, it is not practical 01 possible t<> warn you about all the hazards associated with servicing these outboard m<>tors. Yc>u must use your own good judgment. You will tind important safety information in a variety of forms. including: Safety Messages -preceded by a safety alert & symbol and one of three signal woros. DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION. These signal worcss mean: trt.Z·VIij§;l You WIU be KILLED or SERIOUSLY HURT if you don't follow instructions. f:lŁ(.1;1˘11˘!1 You be KILLED or SERI..USL Y HURT don't follow uoslfUCtlons. Xou C..N be HURT if you don't follow 1nstruct1ons. Instructions -how to service this outboard motor correctly and safely. Honda Motor Co., Ltd Service Publication Office CONTENTS· SERVICE INFORMATION CASE/EXTENSION CASE STARTER ROD/REMOTE CONTROL BOX ELE TRICAL EQUIPMENT INDEX BF15D•BF20D 1. SPECIACATION6·······-········-······························ ... •• H 1. SPECIFICATIONS... ................ 1·12. DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS .. ..... ... ........ .......... .... ... 1·3 2. SERVICE INFORMAnON .......................................... 2·1 1. TORQUE VALUES.................................................. 2·1 2. TROUBLESHOOTING ......... . ......... .. ........ . ....... ....... 2·2 3. CABLE & HARNESS ROUTING . .. ........ .. ..... 2· 7 4. PROPELLER/GEAR CASE/EXTENSION CASE ....... 4-1 1.GEAR CASE ASSEMBLY ....................................... 4· 1 2. EXTENSION SEPARATOR ............................ 4·2 3. WATER PUMP ........ .. ................. ........ 4·2 7. RECOIL STARTER ..................................................... 7·1 I.STARTER CASEB.... .. ........ .......... .................... ....... 7·1 12. OIL CASE/STERNBRACKET/SWIVEL CASE......._ 12·1 1. STERN BRACKET...... .. .................... .. 12·2 2. SWIVEL CASE........... ................... .. 12·11 3. GAS ASSISTED DAMPER ..................................... 12·14 4. POWERTILT ASSEMBLY.... .. .......... 12·17 14. STEERING ROD/REMOTE CONTROL BOX ............. 14·1 I. CONTROL BOX WIRE HARNESS ......................... 14-1 2. REMOTE CONTROL BOX ................ ................. .. .. 14·2 15.TILLER HANDLE ....................................................... 15·1I.POWER TILT SWITCH .................. ................... .... 15-1 16. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT.. ................ ..................... 16-1 I . STARTER CABLE ... ........ .................... ... IG-1 2. POWERTILT RELAY ............................... .............. 16-7 17. WIRING DIAGRAMS ...................................... ............ 17·1 BF15D•BF20D 1. SPECIFICATIONS 1. SPECIFICATIONS 2. DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS 1. SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Type Operating weight Trans m Swivel (Wi1h propeller mOllE}-Bu-- ..)MAINWREHARNŁSS --......==}[8)EXCITERCOILWIIE }[9)SETHEAMALVALVEKEATEAWIRE Gr-i>i:EJ--Gr--}[10)CIWIGECOILWIRE 00 •• . • }(11) REGUlATORWIRE[1)MAINWIREHARNI:SS 81--!>ll[)-81--[12)STARTERMAGNETICSWITCHWIRE (1)MAIN'W1REHARHESS (2JNEIITRALSWITCH'W1RE =..=== [3) INDtCA10R'W1AE {--81-oJ}I!D-0--[4)ForTACHOMETER(OPTIONAL) --·-·0!1<1-8!-­·----I>OCJ-Gr--[5)EMERGENCYSTOPSWITCHWIRE {{--81--DlkJ-8I-­--EWR-!>ID-BVR--[6)EHGINESTART SWITCHWIRE {--BIIW-D!l!D-WIBI-- [1)MAINWilE HARNESS [12) STARTERMAGNETICSWITCHWIRE [1)MAINWIREHARNESS [11)REGUlATORWilE 81 IBLACK BROWN YELLOW ORANGE Lg LIGHTGREENG jGAEEN PINK 'Gr 2-8 BF15D•BF20D • Remote Control Type With Power Tilt (8] CHARGE COIL, (7] WIRE SET PLATE COILWIRE (6) PULSE GENERA O (4] 4P CONNECTOR (3] IGNITION CONTROL MODULE (2] WlRE BAND CLIP (18] [1] NEUTRAL SWITCH OIL CASE GROMMET [17] WlRE TIE (5]8P CONNECTOR Align tile edge Qf the wise tie with Ihe insk1e ot the oil case grommet as shown. [15] PULSE GENERATOR WIRE (11] WIRE BAND [12) MAIN WIRE HARNESS Align the edge ol the tape with lhe connector brack-et assho'Nn. WIRE BAND CLIP CLAMPING:p (18] WHITE TAPE Align the edge of the white tape with the inside of the oi1 case grom· met as shown. BF15D•BF20D CONNECTOR LOCATION • Remote Control Type With Power Tilt ·: Gray insulator l 81-Dil!ll!D--Bu - [1] MAIN WIRE HARNESS ..%=..==}[4] EXCITER COL WIRE BVG-Gil)<)-BVG -}[5] SElliERMAL VALVE HEATER WIRE --Br-i>[;lQ-Br -. [61 CHARGE COIL WIRE }[7)REGULATORWIRE [1] MAIN WIRE HARNESS 81 -i>IJD---Bl -[8] STARTER MAGNEllC SWITCH WIRE [1JMAINWIREHARNESS{--81/W-l>!!El-BVW[ 1JMAINWIRE HARNESS [2) NEUTRAL SWITCH WIRE BVW-i>IID-BVW--[8] STARTER MAGNETIC SWITCH WIRE [1]MAINWIREHARNESS --WIBH>IlEJ-W/81[7) REGULATORWIRE[>{]D-W/81--}Dl:JgulatO-WBI [8) AŁ0ULATORIRECTIFIER WilE --BIIGU!Jl-,.-(1) IIAIN WIRE HARNESS -.-w..= r.:-____ (13] ., FUSEI\OI.DER [3]STARTER CABLE BF15D•BF20D • Type With Power Tilt (21 UPPER SPIRAL POWER TILT MOTOR PROTECTOR WIRE [3[ WIRE BAND CLIP (51 5 mm (0.2 1n) 3€r MAX. . (6) FRONT (9} WHITE T .C.PE [8[ WIRE BAND • Clamp the center ofthe white tape poshion of the power tift motor wire with the wlr& band as shown. • Aftersecuring the wire with a new wire band, cut theend of the wire band as shown. [5} 5 mm (0.2 In) MAX. 2-16 BF150•BF200 • Tiller Handle Type With Power Tilt (4] ENGINE START SWITCH [3] WIRE CUP (2] POWER TILT SWITCH (11 THROTTLE CABLE (10] EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH WIRE (9] SPIRAL PROTECTOR (7] ENGINE START SWITCH WIRE POWER TILT SWITCH WIRE 2-17 • Remote Control Box (Type With Power Tilt) [1) CONTROL BOX WIRE HARNESS [3)EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH [8]CONT!lOLBOX WIRE HARNESS [9]CABLE TIE [2(WIREBAND/' EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH . [4)tGNmON SWITCH -evn ..t- BIIY-9l'Y-}{5)WARNING BUZZER -V/G..Y/G- [6) WARNING BUZZER Align the cable tie with the edge of the control box as shown. BF15D•BF20D {8) { {7)CONTROL BOX WIRE --41 POWERTILT SWITCHHARNESS 2-18 BF15D•BF20D • WIRE CLAMPING ·1: Remote control type with power tilt ·2: Tiller handle type with power tilt (2) •2WIRE BAND WIRE CLIP BAND CLIP POWER TILT SWITCH WIRE [31 ENGINE( 6) S mm (0.2 in) 5 mm (0.2 in) MAX. MAX. [8) (5] TILT WHITE TAPE [1] WHITE TAPE POWER TILT [5] MOTOR WIRE MOTOR WIRE PDWER TILT Clamp the center ol the white tape posi6on Clamp the centet' ol the white !t.tpe posilions MOTOR WIRE ofthe power tilt motor wiewith lhe wire of the power lilt motor and power till switchband clipasshown. wires wilh the wire band clip as shown. WIRE BAND CLIP SIDE (10) STARTER CABLE 2-1 9 "I: Remote control type "2: Tiller handle type [16] "20nly POWER TILT (61SWITCH WIRE WIRE BAND CLIP (71 ENGINE STARTER (111 (tofuso box) STARTER CABLE (to power (8] tilt relay) MAIN WIRE (10] (9] HARNESS POWER TILT REGULATOR/MOTOR WIRE RECTIFIER WIRE (18) (17]HIGH TENSION CORD CLIP No.1HtGH TENSION CORD (19] No. 2 HIGH TENSION CORD 2-20 {7] ENGINE SlOE (11] STARTER CABLE (to powertilt relay) \..'.."" (q .. POWER TILT (15] MOTOR WIRE POWER TILT RELAY WIRE BF15D•BF20D [12] REGULATOR/ RECTIFIER WIRE(tostarter case) \II-[7] ENGINE SlOE 181\ MAIN WIRE HARNESS [13] REGULATOR/ (14] RECTIFIER REGULATOR/ GROUND WIRE RECTIAER WIRE 4. LUBRICATION POINTS • POWER TILT, GAS ASSISTED TILT [1) 2-21 BF15D•BF20D 4. PROPELLER/GEAR CASE/EXTENSION CASE BF15D•BF20D 1.GEAR CASE ASSEMBLY 2. EXTENSION SEPARATOR 1. GEAR CASE ASSEMBLY a. REMOVALANSTALLATION• UL Type (11) (1) VERTICAL SHAFT MARINE GREASE VERTlCA.L SHAFT BUSHING (8) 6 x 10 mmDOWEL PIN (2) 4-1 GEAR C SE ASSEMBLY 3. WATER PUMP (2) WATER TUBE 6X10 mmDOWEL PIN (2) ---·(6) 6mmSELF-LOCKING NUT (5) (1.2 kgl·m. 9 1bl·ft) 2. EXTENSION SEPARATOR a. DISASSEMBL YIREASSEMBLY • UL Type (3) 30 mm INTERNAL CIRCLIP .-.(2] 20 mmWASHER (1) WATER PUMP HOUSING GROMMET (4) (5] EXTE SION SEPARATOR 3. WATER PUMP a. DISASSEMBLYIREASSEMBLY • UL Type (1] 6 x 90 mm WASHER BOLT (4) 12 N•m (1.2 kgf•m, .....eB!".m:......ot, (8] (2) WATER TUBE SEAL VERTICAL SHAFT BUSHING (3) IMPELLER HOUSING (4] KEY BF15D•BF20D WATER PUMP HOUSING DISASSEMBLY/ REASSEMBLY: P. through 4-'26 of the bas . shop manual WATER PUMP HOUSING GROMMET 7. RECOIL STARTER 1.STARTER CASE B 3. STARTER CASE B • Type With Power Tilt a. REMOVAL 1) Remove the following: -engine cover (P. 5-1 of the base shop manual). -le..engineundercover(P. 5-2 of the base shop manual).-right engine under oover (P. 5-3 of the base shop manual). -recoil starter (P. 7-2 of the base shop manual). 2) Remove the power tilt relay connectors and connector holder as a set with the connectors connected as shown. 3) Pull out the connectors and wires from the holder on the starter case B 4) Pull oft the breather tube from the clamp on the starter case B and remove it. Disconnect the breather tube from the cylinder head cover. 5) Remove the starter case B with the drain tube attached by disconnecting the drain tubes from the lower settingholes. b. INSTALLATION lnstaJiation is the reverse order of removal. • See pages 2-14. and 15 tor wires and connectors clamp· ing. 7-1 [6) STARTER CASE 8 (9] 8x240mm DRAIN TUBE (2) CONNECTOR HOLDER BF15D•BF200 (1) (B) WATER DRAIN TUBE 12 OIL CASE/MOUNT FRAME/STERN BRACKET/ ' POWER TILT/GAS ASSISTED TILT BF15D•BF20D 3. GAS ASSISTED DAMPER 2. SWIVEL CASE [1[ 718-14 UNF SELF·LOCKING NUT Oo not reuse. Tighten to 40N•m (4.1 kgf· m, 30 lbl· ll) then turn back 1121urn. [4) 8 mm SELF-LOCKING NUT 21 N•m(2.1 kgf·m,15 lbHt) 12-1 4. POWER TILT ASSEMBLY [3) POWŁRT1LTASSY. [2) GAS ASSISTED TILT ASSY. 1. STERN BRACKET • GAS ASSISTED TILT a. OISASSEMBL Y 1) Remove !he engine (see section 8 ot the base shop man· ual). then remove the following: · oil case (P. 12·2). · friction adjusting lover (P. 12·4). -mount frame (P. 12-6). 2) Move the tilt lever to tree position to release the gas assisted damper. 3) Remove the adjusting rod. 4) Remove the tilting bolt cap and loosen the 718·14UNF self-locking nut, then remove the 8 mm setf·locking nut, 8 mm plain washer and 8 x 203 mm hex. bott. 5) Remove the 7t8-14UNF self-locking nut and discard it. Replace the self-locking nut with new one when reassembly. 6) Remove the lett stern bracket, lower cylinder collar and 22 mm wave washer. 7) Remove the tilling shalt, 22 mm wave washer. carrying handle and right stern bracket. 8) Remove the swivel case and lower cylinder bushings d necessary. [1) (16) /T LTING BOLT CAP (2) 12-2 BF15D•BF20D (2) (3) b. REASSEMBLY 1) Apply marine grease to new swivel case bushings and install them to the swivel case. 2) Apply marine grease to new lower cylinder bushings and lower cylinder collar. then Install them to the gas assisted dumpertower mount. 3) Apply marine grease to the threads of the tilting shaft. mounting hole and wave washers. 4) Install the right stern bracket, carrying handle.and 22 mm wave washer, and install the tilting boH. 5) Install the 8 x 203 mm hex. bolt. -diiiD : Apply marine grease. [1) SWIVEL CASE [8) LOWER CYLINDER BUSHING (2) {7] LOWER CYLIN· DERCOLL R 12- 3 [6) RIG T STERN BRACKET { 2) [5) 8 x 03 mm HEX. BOLT BF15D•BF20D [4) TILT NG SHAFT 6) Apply grease to !he 22 mm wave washer and install the wave washerand right stern bracket. 7) Loosely install a new 718·14UNF seH·locking nul. 8} Install the 8 mm washer and 8 mm self-locking nut. lighten the 8 mm self-locking nut to the specified torque. TORQUE:2t N· m(2.1 kgf·m, 15 1bt-ft) 9) Tighten the 7/8·14UNF self·locking nut to 40 N·m {4.1 kgl• m. 30 lbf • ft) then loosen 112 turn. 10)1nslall lhe adjusting rod and lilting bolt caps. t1) Install Jhe anode and tighten the 6 x 12 mm flange bolt securelyit the anode removed. 12)Move the tilt lever to tilt position and make sure that the swivel case moves free. 13) Install the removed parts in lhe reverse order ol removal. [I]7/8·14UNF 12-4 [9] ANODE [6] LEFT STERN BRACKET BF15D•BF20D [3] nLTINO BOLT CAP(2) BF15D•BF20D • POWER TILT a OISASSEMBLY 1) Remove thepower tilt motor Wife from the motor: Openthe wire bands. • Openthewire band clips. Remove the spiral protectors.• Remove the corrugated protector (Tiller handle type). (7J (2] POWERTILT MOTOR WIRE (2] WIRE BANO CLIP POWER TILT MOTORW..E [1J 2PCONNECTOR (31WIRE [2] POWER TILT WIRE 12-5 2) Remove the engine (see Section 8} • then remove the following: -oil case (P. 121 ). -friction adjusting lever (P. 12-3).• mount trame (P. 12·5). 3) Open the wire band and wire band clip and free the motor wire from the right stem bracket 4) Remove the 6 x 8 mm screws and ground wire. 5) Turn the manual valve counterclockwise fully and rise Ute swivel case completely. 6) Remove the adjusting rod. 7) Remove the tilting bolt cap and loosen the 7/8-t4UNF self-locking nut. then remove the 8 mm seK-Iocklng nut, 8 mm plain washer. · 8) Remove the 7/8-14UNF seH-Iocking nut. 9) Remove the leff stern bracket, distance collar and 22 mm wave washer. tO} Remove the tilting shaft, 22 mm wave washer, carrying handle and right stern bracket 11} Remove the lower cylinder collar. 12}Remove the swivet case and lower cylinder bushings if necessary. [1)7/8-14UNF SELF·LOCK.ING NUT (2) [18] TILTING BOLT CAP (2) (16] 8mmP AIN WASHER [15] LEFT STERN BRACKET (10) LOWER CYLINDER COLLAR 12-6 BF15D•BF20D [2] BF15D•BF20D b. REASSEMBLV 1)Apply marine grease to new swivel case bushings and instaJI them to the swivel case. 2) Apply marine grease to new lower cylinder bushings andlower cylinder collar, then install them to the gas assisted dumper lower mount 3) Apply marine grease to the threads ol the tilting shalt, mounting hole and wave washers. 4) Install the right stern bracket. carrying handle,and 22 mm wave washer, and install the ..lting bolt. 5) Install the 8 x 203 mm hex. bolt. ... :Apply marine grease. (I) SWIVEL CASE [2) SWIVEL CASE (8] LOWER CYLINDER BUSHING (2) --(7) LOWER CYLIN· DERCOLLAR ---[6] RIGHT STERN BRACKET (51 8x203mm HEX. BOLT 12-7 6) Set the motor wire grommet tothe motor wire and install them to the left stern bracket by aligning the boss of the grommet with the groove of the left stem bracket 7) Apply grease to the 22 mm wave washer and distance collar, then install the wave washer, distance collar and right stem bracket. 8) Loosely install a new 718·t 4UNF self-locking nut. 9) Install the 8 mm washer and 8 mm sell-locking nut. Tighten the 8 mm self-locking nut to the specified torque. TORQUE: 21 N • m (2.1 kgf•m, 15 lbf ·II) 10) Tighten the 7/8-14UNF sell-locking nut to 40 N • m {4, 1 kgt•m, 30 lbf ·h) then loosen 112 turn. 11) Install the adjusting rod and tilting bolt caps. 12}1nstall the anode and tighten the 6 x 12 mm flange bolt securely if the anode removed. 13) Make sure that tho swivel case moves free. [5) [15) Do not reuse. Tighten to 40 N·m (4. t kgt·m. 30 lbH1) then loosen l/2 tum. [16) ANODE Bmm SELF-LOC ING NUT 12-8 (6) 22mmWAVE WASHER (2) (11] GROUND WIRE [1] POWER TILT MOTOR WIRE (10) 6>8mm SCREW(2) BF15D•BF20D [2] GROOVE [8] [3) BOSS RIGHT STERN BRACKET 14)Se<:ure the power tilt motor wire with the wire band and wire band clip Ia the left slern bracket as shown. If the wire band or wire band clip cut, replace with new one. After securing the wire. cutlhe end as projected length shown. [3) WIRE BAND CLIP [2] 5 mm(0.2 1n) MAX. (1]FROI'IT ..ITHAPE Clamp the canter ol the white tape position of th& motor wire. [6] POWER TILT MOTOR WIRE 15)1nstall the following in the reverse order of removal: · oil case (P. 12-1 of the base shop manual). -friction adjusting lever (P. 12-3 o1 the base shop manual). · mount frame (P. 12-5 of the base shop manual). · engine (see Section 8 of the base shop manual}. 16) Route the power tilt motor wire and secure the wires with the wire band and wire band clips. Cover the motor and switch wires with the corrugated protector as shown. (2) (4] BF15D•BF20D [2) 5 mm(0.2 in} MAX. (1( FRONT- [4] WHITE TAPE Clamp the center ofthe white tape position ot the mo!or wire. CONTROL BOX WIRE (Remotecontroltype) [5] POWER TILT SWITCH WIRE (Tiller handle type) ENGINESIDE [3] WIRE BAND CLIP [1] 5 mm(0.2 in) MAX. [8] WHITE TAPE Clamp tho center ofthewhite tape posi· tion of the motor wire and power tilt switch wire. 12-9 POWERTILT MOTOR WIRE [3] WIREBANDCLIP (6] CORRUGATED PROTECTOR Align the center of the corrugated protectorwith the center of the connec1or bracket as [1] S mm(0 in)MAll. BF15D-BF20D 16)Route the power tilt motor wire along the main wire harness as shown and wrap the wires with the upper and lower spiral protectors as shown. t7}Secure the wires with the wire band dips. • If the wire band dip cut, replace with new one. After securing the wire, cut the end as projected length 11] POWER TILT MOTOR WIRE (21 WIRE BAND CLIP (4) 181 MAIN WIRE (7] SPIRAL PROTECTOR (311Smm(0.6in) 14) ENGINE SIDE SPIRAL PROTECTOR [31 ABOUT 15 mm (0.6 1n) (6] WIRES: • MAIN WIRE HARNESS -START R CABLE (Fu.. llne)Wrap lhG wires starting from the branch point ofthe main wire hamess as shown. - • STARTERCABLE(41 ENGINE (Power lilt motor power line) SIDE • POWER TILT MOTOR WIRE tS}Connect the power tilt motor wire to the power 1m relay wire 2P connector and set the motor wire to the wire clamps. 19}Secure the wires wrth the wire band. If the wire band cut. replace wfth new one. After securing the wire. cut the end as proiected length shown. (6] WIRES: }• POWERTlLTRELAVWIRE (S] EN..SIDE (Power tift motor power line)• POWER TILT MOTOR WIRE • POWER TILT SWITCH WIRE (Tiller handle type c>nty) 15 mm(0.6 in) (3] WIRE BAND 12-10 2. SWIVEL CASE a. DISASSEMBLY 1) Remove tho 15 mm external cirdip. 2) Remove the upper cylinder pin and separate the gasassisted damper 0< power Uh assembly lrom lhe swivet case. 3) Remove the upper cylinder bushings il necessar . UPPER CYLINDER PIN \ (5]--...15mm EXTERNAL ClRCUP UPPER CYUNOER BUSHING(2) (6) TILT ASSEMBLY 4) Remove tho 6 x 12 mm llange boll and detente spring. s·1 Orive out the 2.b x20 mm spring pins using commercially available pin driver. 6) Remove the Hh stopers and tih stopper cam. 7) Remove the tih 8fm bushings. 12-11 (S) BF15D•BF20D -.(4) (4) GAS ASS ST D DAMPER TILT STOPPER CAll b. REASSEMBLY 1) Apply marine grease to !he tin arm bushings and inslaJ!hem. 2) Apply m..nne grease to !he shan ol !he tik stopper. then install the till stopper cam and lilt stoppef1!. {1) TILT STOPPER (2) [2) TlLTARM BUSHING(2) 3) Align the pin hole so !hat !he lit s!opper and tit s:oppercam as Shownand drive !he 2.5 x 20 mm spting pin using a commerciallyavailable pin driver unti the pin end alignswith the tilt stopper cam as 12-12 [3)nLTSTOPPER CAM (4) nLT STOPPER CAM BF15D•BF20D {1) PIN DRIVER (Commercially available) (2) 2.5 )( 20 mm SPRING PIN {SJ nLT STOPPER BF15D•BF20D 4) Install the detente spring and tighten the 6 x 12 mm flange bolt securely. Apply grease to the roller ol thedetente spring. 5) Apply marine grease 10 the upper cylinder bushingsand install them to the swivel case as shown. 6) Install thegas assisted damper with the tilt lever ladng to the right stdeor power titt assembly with the power tift motor facing to the right side.then install the upper cylin· derpin and secure ilwith the 15 mm external circlip. [3JUPPER CYLINDER PIN [2] UPPER CYLINDER BUSHING(2) [5] RIGHT SIDE [2] UPPER CYliNDER BUSHING (2) DETENT SPRING Sx12 EXTERNAL CIRCLIP [2] UPPER CYLINDER BUSHING(2) - [4] i LEFT g··· SIDE _g__; [2] UPPER CYLINDER BUSHING (2) 12-13 3. GAS ASSISTED DAMPER a. REMOVAL 1) Remove the adjusting rod. 2) Remove the 8 mm self-locking nut. 8 mm plain washer ano 8 x 203 mm hex. bolt. 3) Remove the 15 mm external cirdip and pull out (he upper cylinder pin. 4) Remove the gas assisted damper from the swivel case. 5) Remove the lower cylinder collar and lower cylinder bushings. {9) After removing the gas-assisted damper, store b uprightwtth the upper cylinder pin mounting part toward up. Do not store the gas-assisteO damper by laying it on its side or with the lower cylinder bushing installation part toward up. {1]15mm EXTERNALCIRCLIP 8 mm SELF-LOCKING NUT [8) 8 mm WASHER (7]LOWER CYLINDER BUSHING (2) [6] LOWER CYLINDER COLLAR 12-14 BF15D•BF20D (3]GAS ASSISTED DAIIIPER [5)ADJUSTING ROD b. TILT LEVER REPLACEMENT • Before removing the tilt lever, set the tilt lever to the run position Install the tilt lever by aligning the mounting hole of the lever with the tilt lever shaft as shown. Store the gas-assisted damper upright w..h the upper cylinder pin mounting part toward up. Do not store the gas-assisted damper by laying it on its side or with the lower cylinder bushing installation part toward up. c. DISPOSAL t) Set the tilt lever in the "TILT" position with the piston rod fully extended. then remove the tilt fever. 2) Center punch the reservoir end to mark the drilling point. 3) Wrap the damper inside a plastic bag and support the damper in a vice as shown. 4) Through the open end of the plastic bag, Insert a drill motor with a sharp 2-3 mm (5!64 -1/8 in) drill bit. A CAUTION • The gas assisted damper contains nitrogen gas and oil under heigh pressure. Oo not drill any farther reservoir top, or you may drill Into the oil chamberi oil escaping under high pressure may cause serious personal injury. • Do not use a dull drill bit which could cause a build·up of excessive heat and pressure inside the damper, leading to explosion and severe personal injury.• Always WBF200 (1) VALVE B CD [[JŁO (1) VALVE B (2) SLEEVE (3) ..=..i 12-28 12)Apply the ATF to !he sealing washe<, and set rt in lhe valve body at righl angles. Be careful not 10 set it at an inclined angle, which can lead lo the collapsed sea.ng washer. 13)Apply 1t1e ATF to new 0-ring and D·ring, and install them on the manuaf valve. 14)Tighten the manual valve to the specified torque. and set the internal circfip in the groove in tho valve bo(!y secure· ly. TORQUE: 1.7 N•m (0.17 kgf•m, 1.2 fbl•ft) tS)Appl{the ATF to a new 0-ring, and lnstaJI H on the down relie valve seat. 16)Apply the ATF to the down rel;et valve seat and install it in the valve body 17)fnstalf the steel bal, spring guida and the valve spring inthe down relief valve seat. 18)Apply the ATF to the two new Q-rings and Install lhe arings 1n the valve body in the positions shown. t9) Install the gear pump assembly In the valve body by aligning the projection at the bottom ot the gear pump assembly with the positioning hole In the valva body wHh care not to let the O·rings come out of position in the valve body aJ)T>ghton the socket bolts to the specified torque. TORQUE: 5 N• m kgf•m, 1.3 1bf •ft) 12-29 BF15D•BF20D e (1) SEAL WASHER I (2] D-RING 1 1.2x5.8mm < '-· D-RING' mm MANUAL VALVE IHgl•m, I [4] INTERNAL CIRCLIP SOCKET BOLTA(2)Skgt•m, [11) VALVE SPRING(10)SPRING GUIDE (9)STEEL BALL (8) OOWN RELIEF VALVE SEAT (2)15N · m, (0.51\gf•m, 3.61bf·"l • CYLINDER, PISTON J:!Q_TICŁ1 • Do not reuse the 0-ring. • Do not use a shop towel, cloth. gloves, etc when reassembly. • Assemble the pans with care not to let the foreign particles and dirt enter the valve body and gear pump assembly, 1) Clenn tile parts in the tro sh ATF. Check that the parts are free from contamination with dust and dirt before reassembly...: Apply ATF. (4) UPP JOINT METAL [5]PITON ROD [6( BF15D•BF200 (13) 152N • m. (15.5kgf-m. [12) CYLINDER ..................... 12-30 / (11) Do not reuse. FREE PISTON (10) O·RING 2.4 x Z'/.7 mm t'(:)c; not reuse. BACK PRING BF15D•BF20D 2) Apply the ATF to two new 0-rings, and install the 0-rings in the valve body • Install the smaller 0-ring in the lower groove and the larger 0-ring in the upper groove ot the valve body [31 VALVE 3) Apply the ATF to a new 0-ring and backup ring, and install them on the free piston. _../ FREE PISTON [21 RING [31 ___ ().RING 24 x 27.7 mm 4) Apply the ATF to a new 0-ting and install it on the piston rod. (11 Y Y PISTONROO 5) Apply the ATF to the inner wall ot the cylinder. 121 6) Install the free piston in the cylinder and pour the fresh 0-RING 2.0 X 28.5 mm ATF to the free piston. 7) Install the piston rod in the cylinder from the chamfered ends at the inside of the cylinder and push in the piston rod unm the piston rod end aligns with the cylinder end as shown. Take care not to damage the free piston 0-rlng and backup ring and the piston rod 0-ring. (41 CHAMFERED [SJ CYLINDER 12-31 BF15D•BF20D 8) Apply the ATF to a new O·ring. and install it in the lower groove in the outer tube. 9) Apply the ATF to the new oil seal. Holding the oil seat with the fingers so that it shapes "U" and install it in the upper groove in the outer tube. tO)Attach a thin sealing tape around the threads at the end of the piston rod. L1) Install the cylinder/piston assembly in the outer tube. • When it is hard to install the piston rod end in the outer tube. apply the ATP to the piston rod end. then insert the piston rod Into the outer tube by turning the outer tube. • Take care not to push the piston rod into the cylinder with force. When the piston rod is pushed into the cylinder with force, push in the free piston in the cylinder as full as it goes with the threaded pan of the piston rod facingdown and by holding the outer tube and cylinder securely. 12)Aiter installation, remove the sealing tape !rom the threads at the end of the pislon rod. 12) [2)O.RING 2.4 • 12.3 mm Attach athin sealing tape around the threads. (1) OU'TER TUBE 131 CYUNOER/PISTON ASSEMBLY 12-32 13)Tum the piston rod of the outer tube/piston rod assemblyupside down and check whether the piston rood is extended fully. t4)Pour tile fresh ATF into the cylinder and outer tube up to the top edge of the cylinder and outer tube. 15)Install the valve body on the outer tube that had been filled with the ATFin the previous step t4, and tighten the valve body Install the valve body with care not to spill the ATF intile outertube/piston rod assembly. 12-33 (2) OUTER TUBE [3) CYLINDER (1) VALVE BODY ASSEMBLY BF15D•BF20D 16) Hold the valve body in a vise as shown taking care not to tighten the vise too light as it damages the valve body !?)Tighten the outertube to tile specified torque. TORQUE: 152 N • m (15.5 kgf • m, 112 1bfo lt) • POWER TILT MOTOR • Oo not reuse the O·ring. • Do not use a shop towel. cloth, gloves. etc when reassembly. Remove the burrs at armature shaft with a tine emEH)' pape before assam· bly. Take care not to damage the oil seal during assembly. (7] BRUSH SPRING (2) [6) BRUSH HOLDER Do ot reuse. Replace with new one. Install with the lips lacing out ti.e. ge;·u pump assembly side). 12-34 [2) 5 mm SCREW (2) BF15[)o8f20D [I) OUTER TUBE· 3) YOKE After installing the yoke. lightly tap on the outer sur· fa e of the yoke with a plastic hammer (for snug fitting ol the armature beating). BF15D•BF20D t) Set the brushes on the each holder. 2) Apply grease to the bearing and oil seat lip and install the armature. Remove the buns at the armature shaH with a fine emery paper before assembly. • Take care not to damage the oil seaJ during assembly. 3) Set the brush springs over the mounting pins of the brush holder. 4) Set the tower straight part ot the brush spring in the groove of the brush holder. 5) Set the upper straight part of the brush spring on the hook of the brush holder. 6) Set a new O.ring on the brush holder. 7) Make sure there is no metallic part (e.g. washer, etc.) the magnets before installation. 8) Holed the armature shatt and install the yoke by aligning its pro)ection with the concave in the brush ho1der. 9) Tighten the two screws se<:urefy. After fightening, be sure there is no lifting between the yoke and brush holder. tO) After assembly, lightly tap on the outer surface of the yoke wrth a plastic hammer (for snug fining of the armature bearing). ARMATURE 121 BEARING [3] BRUSH(2) HOLDER{2) [1]HOOK [2] YOKE [5] ().RING [4] CONCAVE 12-35 BF15D•BF20D !!)Loosen lhe manual valve by lUlling " 31ums or more. 12)1nslall lhe drive join! in 1he pos"ion ol 1he gear pump assembly as shown. 13)Fill llle gear pump chamber with lhe fresh ATF up to lfle upper edge ol the chamber. II the ATF In the valve body comalns air bubbles, remove the aJr bubbles using an oil bottle or equivalenttool. 1 Do not pour the ATF into lhe valve body gear pump chamller quickly. Pour the lluid slowly. 1 Trapped air in the system causes taully operation. Aemovolfle air llubbfes in tile lluid securely. 14)Apply the ATF to a newO·ring. and install tl on the power till motor assembly. 15) lnslall lhe power lill motor assembly on lhe valve body so thai lhe power lill motor wire is at the ou1er lube side and align lhe molor shalt with lhe groove ol lhe drive joinl as shown. (1) DRIVE JOINT (2) Pour lho ATF up to the top edgo. MOTORSHAFT (2)O·RING 2.4x86.6mm DRIVE JOINT 12-36 t6)Apply tho ATF to a new 0-ring, and install it on the power tilt motor assembly. t7)1nstall the oil tank on the power tilt motor assembly so that the oil hole cap bolt mounting hole is at the motor wire side. t8)Setthe wire band clip on the clip bracket, and secure the motor wire. t9)Tighten the two socket bolts to the specified torque. TORQUE: 4.4 N•m (0.45 kgf • m, 3.3 1bf•lt) f. ATF ALLING t) Using a syringe or equivalent tool. add approximately 30 em' (t.Ot US oz. t.06 Imp oz) ol the ATF slowly through the oil tiller pM of the oil tank. 2) Alter adding the lluid. tighten the manual valve sec, • If the blow pressureis outof the specified range, check each part of the powerlilt essombly lot o, 543 • 687 psi) • If lhe blow pressure is ou1 of the specified range, check eech pan of the power liH assembly for oil leak· age. • If !here is no oil leakage bul lhe blow pressure drops below lhc specified pressure quickly, the power lilt motor assembly can be faulty. Replace the motor assembly wrth a new one and measure the blow pressure again. 12-42 BF150.BF20D (1) GAUGE JOINTB070PJ·V150200 [4) ;· ..SE..=ASHER /4 " 070PJ·V150100 (2)PRESSURE GAUGE (Commercially avallablo) (1) Compreso fully. 4) Push lhe "UP" Side of the power tin swi1ch and ex1end the piston rod fuly. 5) Remove !he special tool and P the toltowing: • engine cover (P. 5·1). · leh engine under cover (P. 5-3). 2) Unfasten the wire band, and remove the power tilt relay wire connectors with the connector holder attached from the starter case B. 3) Disconnect the 1 P connector and remove the connector from the connector holder. 4) Remove the fuse holder from the fuse holder bracket. 5) Pull the starter cable connecto rs from the holdar on the starter case B, and disconnect the white and white/black wire connectors .. 16-1 (2]STARTER CABLE (1] WHITEWtRE I[4] STARTER, CASEB BF15D•BF20D 2] [3] WIRE BAND 6) Open the lour wire bano clips ana remove the spiral pro· tectors. 7) Open the wire band on the starter magneticswitch. 8) Remove the 6 mm self-locking nut and disconnect the starter cable from the starter magnetic switch. 9) Remove the 6 x 12 mm flange bolt and disconnect the battery ground terminaL (1) 6 mm SELF·LOCKING NUT {2) WIRE BAND CUP (4) (6) WIRE BAND [5) BATTERY GROUND 6x 12 TERMINAL 10)Remove the 6 x 14 mm flange bolt and starter cable bracket. 11)Open the wire band and remove the starter cable. 16-2 BF15D•BF20D UPPER SPIRAL PROTECTOR b. INSTALLATION 1) Install the oil case grommet to the starter cable and align the inside of the grommet with the white tape on the starter cable. and install them onto the oil case. 2) Secure the starter cable with the wire band clip and install the starter cable brac..et by aligning the cutout with the boss on the oil case and tighten the 6 x 14 mm flange bolt securely. 3) Route the starter cable. 4) Tighten the ground terminal to the cylinder blo.. using tho 6 x 12 mm flange bolt. (1] OIL CASE GROMMET (12) STARTER CABLE (11) /Arlgn the ins;de of the gromme! with the white tape. 16-3 6X1.. (10) [91WHITE WIRE STARTER CABLE BF15D•BF20D [3) STARTER CABLE BRACKETI [2) CIJTOUT I (8) ENGINE SlOE 5} Connect tile starter cable to tile starter magnetic switch and adjust the terminal direction so that tile starter cable contacts to the clamp bracket on the starter magnetic switch body as shown. 6} T)-9/ [21)FU E (20A) [22} [2)GROUND 120)1ELJTRAL (31} ii50..iij ....·=·....i::WfJ:I1214) .. (13} THERIIOSENSOR(121OILPRŁSSURE SWITCH POWER \::k moN COIL [2)GROUND 118)No.1SPARKPLUG BF15D•BF20DRemote ControlType WithPower Tilt (2) TACH OIIETEII (3)\/0LTMETEII •• • ••••• ........ ••• • •••• 1•1 i { b·· { iHOURMETER : : . .. .. : .. / 0 0 ....,.-{ • .........: ..m ..i'" , ! ' ·t " ; .: ..c; .. Gl.. swrTCH :::: : ! : l : ..,..,... .. .,. .• .,'f '! ... • • • ' • ...... .. ! .... ..'..oil.. ! ! ! i i l i ! L.+-..-L.. .... ..-..lJ.;... el--u:..--Bl·--i..i....L..1. ..--a.-..r-... . .LRIW -(::<>•R/W•. ; •••••••L......; .RIW ·..!)I -.::t.!·9VV'·4-·········· ·····-J : : r-.._J (6) l; $ 4! .is !:he.. HARNESS A METER HARNESS 8 ihl.. 1 .. mwAY ' [36 EMERGEN Y : I .."" I :Q I IIW (I)OROUND[13)POWER TII.T swrrcH 1 I [21)(20A) I (30). A I ..Y/G..YIG [171 (U)SETliERUALVALV..H..TERCOIL (15]FLYWHEEL PULSE [13) OECHAROIL(I2Y-12A) .. iii [11) ,. .... .. V VE (21) (20) THERMO OIL SENSORPRESSURESWITCH'STAATEA 1,81aLuE 1a1oR.ov [9)GRAY (I]GAO U N D H ....OUN: .. R [3t)NEUTRALswrrcH 1271co1 UNrr ;; .. -'lI (8)QROUNO (23)POWERTILT RELAY (24)(25)No . 2SPARKPLUG (26)No.1SPARKPLUG HONDA OUTBOARD MOTOR Power Equipment SOME PARTS OF CHANGES CHANGE LOCATIONS ·The installation position of the fuel pump has been changed 180degrees. • The installation angle of the fuel chamber comp. has boon changed. • Followedby the above changes, the fuel tubes 3ndsome other parts have been changed. •Frame No. 1004589productsand the subsequent ones need a different kind of fuel chamb.r sus;pension. Also, the intalla· tionmethod of the fuel chamber comp. has been changed. Before Modific.tion TUlliO CUP FUEL TUBE B .. FUELPUMPASSEMBLV FUELTUBE0 TUBEC SUSPŁNSION ASSEMBLY FUEL TUBES 11x20mm TUlliO FUEL TUBE C Honda Motor Co., Ltd. ®®®®0 656.2003.4 Service PublkationOffi.. TUBE ROUTING DRAIN TUBE FUEL TUBE B CRANKCASE BREATHER TUBE DRAIN TUBE 2 CARBURETOR DRAJNTUBE FUEL FILTER FUEL CHAMBER FUEL PUMP/FUEL FILTER REMOVAL/INSTALLATION Before installing each fuel tube, ehec:lc it for wear and deterioration. Replace, Ifnecessary. 1) Remove the enginecover (P. 5-1)and rightengineunder cover tP. 5·2). 2) Remove the tlJbe clip used to put together the fuel tube8 and carburetor drain tvbe. TUBE CLIP C12 FUELTUBEC 3 FUEL JOINT HARNESSBAND .FUEL CHAMBER SUSPENSION {Fromframe serial No. 1004589) FUELCHAMB R • FUEL PUMP lnmllttlon: H lna.U ,.,_new31.2 x 2." mm O.ring onto lhe fuM pump. Install the fu•l pump into the cyfinder head. 2) Connect lhe fuel tube 8 hom the fuel filter to thefuel pump connection with " ..,.. mark. 3) Conn.ct tho fu@l tube C from thE! fuel chamber to the fuel pump connection with ..,.... mark. TOROUE: 12 N·m (1.2 kgf.m, 91bf.ftl • FUEL CHAMBER l'rtstaUatlon: FrameNo.. 1002828-1004588 1) Pull out lht oil level gauge. 2) Appty soapy water to the inside or one or thv 11 x 20 mm tubes and 8Hl'lch thf! tube to the oil level pipe. Keep pushing 1ho tubo until It reachesth& pip.. end. 3) Apply soApy water to the slit of the fuel chambor susponslon and anech the IUS-pension to tha oil level pipe. Keep pushing the auspenŁion until it reaches the 11x 20 nun tul>tl. •• Simllartv. attach the other 11 x 20mm tube rotho oil level 5) Adjusttho posltlon of the fuel chamber so that there will be about 16 mm clearanoe between the fuel chamber and the oil flltor cartridge. Fix the fuel chamber using the har· ne$$ band and trim the excess harness band, 6) Pu-c thti oll lavel gauge back. FUEl TURB FUEl PUMP L..EV!ll'tPE 1h20mmTUIIE -- FUEL CHAMBER SUSPENSION FUEl CliAMBER SUSPENSION FUElCHAMBER HARNESS BAND .=;::J 11 x 20 mm TUBE Oll FilTER CARTRIDGE 4 • FUEL TUBE D Installation: Install the bigger end of the tube into the fuel chamber and install tha smaller end of the tube into th& carburetor side. • FUEL CHAMBER SUSPENSION Installation: Install the tuot chamber suspension into the fuel chamber as shown so that the slit will be parallel to the connection of the fuel tube 0. • FUEL CHAMBER Installation: Fromframe urial No. 1004589 Apply soapy water to the connection of the fuel chamber sus· pension into the oil level pipe. Install the fuel chamber into the oil level pipe so that there will be <:.bout 15 mm etc..ranee bctwO(lO the fuel chamber and the oil filter cartridge. CARBURETOfl SIDE FUEL CHAMBER CDMP. SLIT FUEL TUBE D FUEL TUBE D 15mm FUEL CHAMBER removal/Install belt rod/Remote control box Electrical BF15D·20D